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Weekend DIY: String Nail Art!

I’ve been MIA for a while, I know. The busyness of life has overwhelmed my schedule, leaving little time to relax, nonetheless extra time to share with my virtual friends.

Last weekend, however, I found myself with a jam packed weekend of R&R, connecting with friends and being pampered at the day spa. Feeling a bit more relaxed than of late, Sunday found me eager to make a birthday gift for friend. An hour, a few paint laden fingers, and some hammered nails later emerged this lovely piece:

Wood Love String Art 1 | Tiffany Lane Handmade

Wood Love String Art 3 | Tiffany Lane Handmade

Wood Love String Art 2 | Tiffany Lane Handmade

I’d been wanting to try my hand at nail art since I came across this on Pinterest, but hadn’t made the time. Now that I know how easy it is, I’m sure something like it will find its way into our home soon!


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Photography: Learning to Use Our DSLR

So we just splurged.  Which is big for me, since, ya’ know, I’m so frugal and all. But figuring it will be both of our birthdays and Christmas presents for this year, it’s not so bad.

Along with this new camera, though, means learning how to use it. Yes, in auto mode it will still take much better photos than my point and shoot. But it seems a little bit of a waste to spend quite a chunk of money on something that’s meant to be used in manual, just to “point and shoot” like I pretty much was before.

It’s a lot.  Learning all the different modes and buttons, then understanding how they interact and affect each other.  Little by little I’ll catch on and add one more button or mode to my repertoire. And it helps that hubby has done a ton of research and loves to play around with it.  He will definitely be my guide through the process.

For now, I’ll share some photos I took over the weekend while photographing Alex and Jodee’s wedding stationery (you’ll have to wait a little while to see those), and what better subjects than burlap ribbon and twine?

burlap ribbon 3

twine 1

twine 6

twine 10

twine 16

Periodically I’ll share my photos here with you and hopefully we can learn from each other. Do you have a DSLR?  I’d love your feedback and any general tips you’ve got. Learning is all about gathering knowledge from all over.  Everyone has a different take and style.  You’ll quickly catch on that I love shooting with really shallow depths of field.

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DIY: Hanging Produce Baskets

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

For our next installment in honor of March National Craft Month, I’ve got one well worth the effort!

I’d been searching for a rustic, three tiered produce rack for our kitchen and couldn’t find the one, but I had found some pretty great baskets and figured I could just make one.  Why not?

This project will be a little quicker if you already have a ceiling hook you can use.  I didn’t, so I had to install that first.  I’ve outlined the DIY below, from what you’ll need to what you need to do.

Total Time: 2 hours

Approx. Cost: $40 (depending how expensive your baskets are)

What You’ll Need

heavy duty swivel hook kit (for ceiling hook)
drill w/ bit & screwdriver tips (for ceiling hook)
2-3 baskets
60-80 feet of twine (I used about 70 feet)
4-6 feet of 1/2 inch rope (more or less depending how high your ceilings are)
garden shears (or large, heavy duty scissors)
2 sets of 1/2 inch metal rope clamps
1 steel anchor shackle (mine is galvanized. you could also use any other type of hook (a j hook would be cool))


What To Do

If you need to, first install your ceiling hook.  I got my kit at Lowe’s for just a few bucks and already had a drill set at home.  Simply follow the instructions provided in the kit.

For your actual hanging baskets, the first step is to attach your baskets together with twine.  Figure out how much space you want between the baskets (allowing extra for tying), do a little measuring and cut your twine to length.  For the twine in between the bottom and middle baskets, I cut mine to 32 inches, and to 24 inches for in between the middle and top baskets.  Be sure to double up your twine when tying because you’ll need the extra support, so you need to cut 8 pieces of the same length twine, not 4, for each length.  As you tie the twine to the baskets, string two pieces through the top edge on one corner of the bottom basket and tie them into a knot over the top edge on the same corner of the next highest basket.  You will end up with four strings of twine in each corner of each basket.  Continue until all baskets are tied together.  Don’t worry about perfecting the balance just yet.  Once it’s hanging with some weight in it, you can more easily tell if it is lopsided, then retie some of the knots.

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

Next, hold the baskets over your counter until you find the right height, then measure for the rope, adding about 6 inches to each end because you’ll need to fold it over to create loops for hanging.  Cut your rope to length (garden shears work well) then get your rope clamps and hammer.  Lay the rope on a very hard surface, preferably cement, and  align the first clamp at one end.  Hammer the edges down over the rope until secure.  Fold the rope to create a small loop, leaving it big enough to fit your attachments (ceiling hook and anchor shackle).  While the rope is still held in a loop, align the second clamp in place adjacent to the first clamp and hammer like the first.  Do the same to the other end of the rope.

hanging produce baskets 2 - tiffany lane

Holding the rope in the same sized loop as before so the clamps line up next to eachother, use your duct tape to tightly tape them together over the metal clamps.  Do the same to the other end.

hanging produce baskets 3 - tiffany lane

Take the twine and using the end, wrap it once around the rope at the edge of the tape and tie a knot.  Then continue wrapping the twine – tucking the ends of the knot underneath the layers – until all the duct tape is covered and tie a knot at the end, trimming the loose ends of the knot.  Do the same to the other end.

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

Attach one end of the rope to your ceiling hook and attach the anchor shackle to the other end.

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

Now it’s time to attach your baskets.  Hold them from the top basket again to measure how much twine you’ll need from the edge of the top basket to the anchor shackle, allowing extra for tying (I cut mine to 18 inches) and also doubling up the twine again, so cutting 8 pieces to length  not 4.  Attach the baskets, feeding the twine through at each corner of the top basket and tying to the anchor shackle.

Almost done!  You’ll want to fill your baskets with some produce (or other heavy items) to test for balance.  Identify any corners that need to be either loosened or tightened until all baskets are level.  Mine was pretty lopsided at first and it took me about 20 minutes to get it into balance because I needed to take all the produce out of the baskets to re-tie one corner, then put the produce back in for testing.  Totally worth all that effort though!

hanging produce baskets - tiffany lane

And since you’re all so creative, I bet you could come up with tons of other ways these baskets could be used!  In a bathroom with towels.  In a corner over a decorative table with books or greenery.  The sky’s the limit!  Wait, I  guess the ceiling is the limit (cheeky smile).


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DIY: Twine Wrapped Jars

What You’ll Need:


First take your jar in hand and with your thumb, hold the end of the twine in place:

Next, start wrapping the twine around the jar:

Continue wrapping until you’ve got your desired width of twine and push twine together so there are no gaps:

Rotate the jar so that you’re looking at what will be the backside, take the end of the twine and bring it diagonally down so that both ends will be on the bottom level:

Rotate the jar so that now you’re looking at the front side again, trim your twine leaving enough at the end to make a bow (or knot, whichever you prefer):

Twist the twine ends together:

And tie your bow:

I would love to see photos of your jars!  Please send me an email (tiffanylanehandmade[at]gmail[dot]com) and I’ll post your fan photos on the Facebook Page.


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Christmas Gifts 2011

Here’s a peek at some of my Christmas gifts for this year.  Can you see the theme? Kraft paper, burlap and twine. Yes, I know.  So predictable.

But aren’t they cute? Sometimes simple really is much better.

I’m so glad I was finally able to use those adorable stamps on the gift tags.  A good friend gave them to me a while back and now I have a reason to use them.  Want in on that action? I recently saw them on Etsy from Plasticoutures.

Disclaimer: the gift for Edie is from The Wanderlust and the package I received was already so cute, I decided to leave it as is and just added the name tag.  And please, check out The Wanderlust, it’s awesome!

I hope my giftees like them as much as I do!


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New Product: Burlap Garland Now Available for Purchase!

I know all you crafters out there want to make your own, but for the rest of who really don’t want to can now purchase a custom garland online!  While many of you have the urge to create, there are so many others that either don’t have the time or resources, or would simply rather enjoy the craftiness of others.  So I decided to offer them for sale in my Tiffany Lane Creations shop.

This lovely garland is great for weddings and parties, and even for home decor.  I have my ‘handmade’ garland hanging in my craft room.  It would also make a wonderful house warming or birthday gift as well.  So follow the link to Burlap Garland Wall Decor and order away!

If you have any other requests for craft goods and home decor you would like me to offer, let me know! Also, I would love to hear your suggestions, so if there are any projects you want me to create tutorials for, feel free to send me a message.


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DIY Rosemary Infused Salt Favors

I recently made these lovely smelling gifts as prizes for a bridal shower the mom-in-law and sister-in-law and I threw over the weekend. Perfect for our ‘What’s that Scent?’ herb game at the kitchen inspired shower, these are quick, easy and inexpensive.  The herb-infused salt can be substituted in any savory recipe, and is especially yummy on roasted potatoes and baked into breads! The recipe comes from the one and only, Martha Stewart.

Rosemary Sea Salt

Makes 8 cups

1 three lb box Kosher Salt
Bunches fresh Rosemary, plus extra for garnish


In a large, high-sided saute pan,over medim heat, combine salt and rosemaryand heat through, about 10 minutes. Transfer to a container, let cool for  minutes, then cover tighly and store overnight.

When ready to fill your gift jars, discard the old rosemary then layer salt and garnish until full then seal closed.



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