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In His Memory: Donald William George June 15, 1923 – March 31, 2011

I know Tiffany Lane Handmade is usually about crafts, but it’s also about everything life.  This man was full of life and lived it to the fullest, touching everyone around him in unique and amazing ways.

Let us remember together and always one of the most amazing men I have ever met, and the most amazing man most have ever encountered – Donald William George.  Believer, fighter, father, husband, friend, grandpa, veteran, joyful, laughter, patriot, love, inspiration.  Just some of the first words that come to mind when I think about how he touched those around him.  He was a true American hero.  Our hero.

Though only a few years of my life were graced with his presence, those years are precious and to never be forgotten.  Grandpa Don saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  He fought with grace and followed with strength.  A strong believer and lover of our Creator.  In spite of his experiences fighting in World War II, surviving as a POW, he had a glow about him that just made you want to smile.  It was probably in part due to these experiences that he formed such a positive outlook on life and his glass half-full perspective.  He inspired so many people in his  87 years of life.  He inspired me.

Enjoy this short slide show of photos from his life.  While this does not encapsulate all, it does give a brief snapshot into his life and the true American hero he was as a soldier, a friend, a father and husband:

True American Hero – Donald George

Losing a loved one makes you really think about your life and helps you to appreciate what remains.  For me, it’s a reminder to live each day to the fullest because you never know which one will be your last.  It reminds me to love and to forgive.  It reminds me of the bigger picture of life and to live with optimism.  Grandpa Don will always remind me to smile and to laugh and to love as big as my heart will let me.

Here are some photographs of the POW MIA Monument at the Riverside National Cemetery.  A great pride for Grandpa Don as he was a part of its declaration and it held a very special place in his heart.  After committing his ashes to their final resting place, we visited the monument, placed a wreath for remembrance and contemplated.

From the words of a dear family friend: “In loving memory of Don George. A true American hero who proudly fought for the United States of America, Don was a prisoner of war and this afternoon I got the privilege to hear some of his amazing stories as we celebrated his life today.  It sometimes can be easy to forget all that our service men and women have endured over the years- if you get the chance today or even tomorrow to take a moment to remember our services member’s who have fought and those who are still fighting for this beautiful country we call home. I know I am thankful everyday for my hero.”

And from the words of my other grandfather speaking of Grandpa Don: “he made a habit of being happy.”  Now let us strive onward with smiles and faith and do the same.



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