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Weekend DIY: String Nail Art!

I’ve been MIA for a while, I know. The busyness of life has overwhelmed my schedule, leaving little time to relax, nonetheless extra time to share with my virtual friends.

Last weekend, however, I found myself with a jam packed weekend of R&R, connecting with friends and being pampered at the day spa. Feeling a bit more relaxed than of late, Sunday found me eager to make a birthday gift for friend. An hour, a few paint laden fingers, and some hammered nails later emerged this lovely piece:

Wood Love String Art 1 | Tiffany Lane Handmade

Wood Love String Art 3 | Tiffany Lane Handmade

Wood Love String Art 2 | Tiffany Lane Handmade

I’d been wanting to try my hand at nail art since I came across this on Pinterest, but hadn’t made the time. Now that I know how easy it is, I’m sure something like it will find its way into our home soon!


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Happy New Year!

Sunrise - Happy New Year | Tiffany Lane

Another year here already, which means another year has come and gone.  I wish you the best in life and love. I wish you peace and comfort in each season your life will bring.

But no good New Year post would be complete without some sort of call for resolutions or urge to better yourself. Today, for this year and years to come, I challenge you to dig deeper in your relationships, make loving others a priority, because you just never know when a life or lives close to your heart will cease existence with us on earth.  We can only pray their souls will live forever in Heaven.

So, go tell your loved ones you love them. Cook your neighbors dinner and share moments together around the table. Call that old friend you never seem to get around to calling. Sit down and talk to the homeless person down the street; a conversation can go a longer way than tossing some change or an old granola bar out your car window.

Do your life and soul some good this year and really love the people in your life. I know this is what I want to do. What about you?


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Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Today marks the 27th birthday for my handsome husband.

Tiff & Ryan - Katie & Jon Wedding 4.21.13[Photo by: Josh Elliott]

I feel like I keep saying this, but seriously, it’s crazy how time flies.  We were just children, it seems, when we met. His sweet childish face, yet to grow any facial hair. And he’s got a full beard now!

tiff & ryan first photo - tiffany lane[Our First Photo Together]

At seventeen, I didn’t know the obnoxious eighteen year old I happen to fall for would someday become my husband. Boy am I so blessed!

Here’s to a very happy birthday to my sweet, loving and most favorite person. My best friend.

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Cheers to Three Years!

love three year anniversary gift - tiffany lane

I really cannot believe how quickly time is flying.

Yesterday, Hubby and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary, which means we’ve been together for more than 8.  That may not seem like a lot to you 15, 20, and 25+ years married folk (hats off to you, by the way), but when we’re only 25 and going on 27, that’s quite a bit of our lifetimes and all of our adult lives.

love three year anniversary gift - tiffany lane

love three year anniversary gift - tiffany lane

We celebrated by packing a yummy picnic…

anniversary picnic - tiffany lane

…and heading to the hills just above the coast to watch the sunset.

socal sunset june - tiffany lane

socal sunset june - tiffany lane

 And what better time than an anniversary to relive the sweet memories of our wedding day?  Please enjoy just a snippet of our special day 3 years ago:

Tiffany + Ryan from Maicol Chavez

I could not ask for a better partner in life.  My best friend.  My softest shoulder.  My adventure goer.  My love.


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Doggy Diaries (Encore): Ruger’s One Year Update

doggy diaries ruger - tiffany lane

If you’re new to Doggy Diaries, catch up here!

My oh my, how time flies. My little guy turned one last month and he’s filled out into such a handsome boy, can’t you tell?

Here he is at 4 months, the night he came home:

First Family Photo Ruger

He’s been such a blessing (despite his often craziness) and he’s definitely become quite the companion.  Loyal, sweet, loving, cuddly, playful, adorable.  Just adorable.

In case you were wondering, he still squats. That’s my boy!


And just for the heck of it, since I know you want some more cuteness:

ruger face - tiffany lane


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Nature’s Perfect Treat: Bananas 10 Ways

If you recall, bananas made it to my top 5 favorite foods list I posted recently.  And I’m going to just say it: bananas are by far my most favorite food.    

My counter top alone says it all.  You know how most families buy one bunch at a time.  Well that just won’t fly in our house.  I buy three at a time (mind you there are just two people living in our house) and will go to the store just for bananas when we run out.  The hubby claims I’m addicted.  That’s probably not far from the truth.

So I had this conversation with hubby the other day.  I argued that bananas are nature’s perfect treat.  They’re sweet, healthy and oh so delicious.  Great for breakfast, as a snack and for dessert.  They are delicious all on their own, but pair wonderfully with so many other foods and preparations too!  You don’t need any utensils or have to cook them before eating and their peels keep them safe and sturdy for on the go travels.  Perfect.

Here are my top 10 favorite ways to eat bananas, in no particular order, since they all rock.

Straight up:
In cereal/granola:
granola with bananas - maple spice eatsPhoto Courtesy of Maple Spice Eats
In bread/muffins:
banana bread - 100 days of real foodWhole Wheat Banana Bread via 100 Days of Real Food
Banana yogurt/pudding (I like to mash very ripe bananas in a bowl, then add plain yogurt and a little honey to taste):
yogurt with bananas - anas naturalsPhoto Courtesy of Anasa Naturals
As ice cream:
In a sandwich/On Toast:
Dipped in chocolate:
chocolate banana pops - happy pretty little thingsChocolate Dipped Banana Pops via Happy Pretty Little Things
On and in pancakes:
In smoothies:
coconut water smoothie - food networkCoconut Water Smoothie via Bobby Flay
With honey:

How do you love to eat bananas?

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My Top 5 Favorite Foods

Yes, they’re fruits & veggies!  And yes, they’re whole foods.  I’ve outlined below my top five (in no particular order) and how I like to eat them.

Brussel Sprouts: roasted to perfection with balsamic vinegar, finished with fresh lemon juice
Roasted-Brussels-Sprouts - the black peppercorn[Roasted Brussel Sprouts via The Black Peppercorn]

Apples: straight up, with nut butter, or in a sandwich

Bananas: straight up, in a sandwich, or tons of other ways (stay tuned for a post all about bananas)

Sweet Potatoes: roasted to perfection or mashed into oblivion

Nut Butters: straight up, on fruit, in sandwiches and in yummy treats

almond butter - full measure of happiness[Almond Butter via Full Measure of Happiness]
What are your favorite foods?


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