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Clothespin Crafts

Clothespins.  They’re practical and cute, and have taken the crafting world by storm.  There are so many ways to use them and dress ’em up. Here are some of my favs from the web:

paper bunting with clothespins_oh craftsPaper Bunting with Clothespins via Oh Crafts

clothespin banner _ pure joy eventsClothespin Banner via Pure Joy Events

diy-clothespin-planter_shelternessClothespin Planter via Shelterness

stamped clothespins_ellenenohStamped Clothespins via Ellemenoh

clothespin frame _ morning creativityClothespin Frame via Morning Creativity

WHAT YOU THINK MATTERS: What other clothespin craft ideas do you love?


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Craft Project Favorites

To start off March National Craft Month, I figured I’d give you the low down on some of my favorite craft projects I’ve pinned (and here’s a shameless plug to follow me on Pinterest!).

tie die tissue paper mobile_going home to roostTie Died Tissue Paper Tassel Mobile via Going Home to Roost

diy hammock_going home to roostDIY Hammock via Going Home to Roost

repurposed antique lawn mower_knick of timeRepurposed Baking Pans and Lawn Mower Handle via Knick of Time

repurposed-crate-storage-side-table_infarrantly creativeRepurposed Crate into Side Table via Infarrantly Creative

painted bottles DIY_la chica de la casa de caramelojpgPainted Bottles DIY via La Chica de la Casa de Caramelo

postcard calendar journal_design spongePostcard Calendar Journal via Design Sponge

READER FEEDBACK: share links to your favorite craft projects in the comments!

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Beautiful Canyon Terrain

Oh, how lovely.

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

Hubby and I decided last minute to take a hike this past Saturday afternoon.  So off we went with the pup en route to Trabuco Canyon’s West Horsethief – Trabuco Canyon Trail.

Since we were already off to a pretty late start, we only hiked in about 2 miles, rounding our trip out to about 4 miles.  While a short trip, it did not disappoint with its rich and diverse ecosystem.  I can imagine in the Spring this would be a great trail for dogs and kids especially as the stream would be in full flow.  Ruger would have tons of fun galloping through the water!

Great weather, beautiful terrain, good exercise and the best company.

trabuco canyon hike - tiffany lane

Oh how lovely it was.


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Spring Crafting

outdoor shelves craft - inspired by charm Photo Courtesy of Inspired By Charm

It’s been Spring for more than a month now, so I hope you’ve had a chance to do some Spring cleaning, or at least added it to your to-do list, or at the very least thought about it.  I did some cleaning out a couple weeks ago, tossing clothes, shoes and beauty products I no longer wear or use, and it felt great!

But as cleansing as Spring cleaning can be, crafting is so much more fun!  Gear up for some craft inspiration and head over to Pinterest’s DIY & Craft section as well as my Pinterest DIY Project board.  Check out my crafting section right here on the blog too!

I always have lots of ideas on my craft to-do list.  Right now I’m looking forward to making a few bug repellent soy wax candles for the backyard, luggage ID dog tags, a workout shirt from old t-shirt, an essential oil diffuser, a pallet coffee table, wine bottle candles and wine bottle candle covers (with our new bottle cutting kit).  What’s on your craft to-do list?

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DIY: Candle Making

candle making 11 - tiffany lane

This is just another one of those DIYs that I am asking myself why I waited so long to do.  Candle making is so easy, it just takes a little prep work and patience.

These adorable little jar candles will be favors at Katie and Jon’s wedding next month.  Neither of us had made candles before and luckily Katie did a little research beforehand so she had the appropriate hardware available (which I wouldn’t have since I failed to do the research, way to go Katie!).  For candle making supplies and tips, check out Candlewic.com.

You’ll want to get a wax pouring pot and have a large metal spoon on hand as well for stirring.  In addition, you’ll need wicks and tabs.  It’s easier to purchase wicks with tabs already attached and there are also a few different types of wicks, two of which I am familiar with.  Katie bought cotton wicks with no coating, which are a more economical route, especially if you’re making 120 candles.  One of the drawback is that they do not stand on their own so you either need to purchase wick holders or reset the wicks as the wax hardens.  We did the latter and it turned out just fine.  On the other hand, I have some cotton wicks coated in wax at home, which are a little more pricey, however they are more sturdy so no resetting or holders needed.  The burn time may also vary depending on wick coating and braiding.  A bunch of factors come into play with regard to burn time and Rustic Escentuals has a pretty good write up if you’re interested.  Below is an example using the wick holders, which we ended up not really needing, but they do help.

candle making 5 - tiffany lane

Another tip regarding the wicks and tabs: using a tacky glue, adhere the wicks/tabs to the bottom of your jar(s) before pouring in your wax so they don’t shift.

candle making 1 - tiffany lane

Speaking of the wax, it would be helpful to know how it melts down, measurement wise.  We chose to use soy wax flakes, (but you can also use wax blocks ) and as you can imagine, measuring a cup of dry flakes melts down to a considerably less amount.  We measured 10 dry cups of flakes melting down to approximately 50 ounces, about 5 ounces per cup.  But since the wax is measured in weight versus volume when purchased, you may like to know that we also measured 20 pounds of wax melting down to approximately 430 ounces, about 21.5 ounces per pound. We made 123 3.5 ounce candles in 4 ounce jars.

candle making 2 - tiffany lane

We found that the most efficient way to melt the wax is a cup at a time, adding a cup of dry to the already melted wax, up to about ten cups.  One cup melts much more quickly than ten at a time as too many flakes all at once just clumped together.  But when you pour a cup of dry flakes into already melted wax, they don’t clump at all and since each flake is surrounded by hot wax, they melt exponentially faster.

candle making 3 - tiffany lane

Once the wax is melted, take it off the heat before adding your scent since you don’t want your scent to burn in any way.  Apparently there is a particular heat to reach or not exceed when melting your wax, adding your scent and pouring, but we didn’t get that scientific.  Winging it worked for us.  We used a scent made particular for candle making, but you can also use essential oils, which I plan to try out soon.  Eucalyptus anyone?

As far as how much scent to use, our scent suggested anywhere between 2% and 8% scent to wax.  Using our approximate average of about 6% scent to wax, 32 ounces of scent made all of our 123 3.5 ounce candles.

candle making 7 - tiffany lane

When pouring your wax, it’s helpful to keep a paper towel or napkin on hand since the wax may drip off the edge and down the side of your pouring pot.

candle making 4 - tiffany lane

Also keep in mind when pouring your candles to leave a little room in the top of your jar or mold after the first pour, because it is recommended to top it off with a thin layer.  Basically, the wax will harden as it cools, but many times the top layer will be wavy or have air bubbles; however, when you are pouring a very thin top off layer, the wax dries more evenly since it is such a small amount of wax.

Wax beginning to harden after first pour:

candle making 6 - tiffany lane

Hardened wax after first pour (notice the dimpling?):

candle making 8 - tiffany lane

And after the top off layer dried:

candle making 9 - tiffany lane

Then just trim the wick:

candle making 10 - tiffany lane

And your done:

candle making 11 - tiffany lane

Stay tuned for an upcoming bottle cutting DIY where we upcycle empty food jars and bottles to candles and candle covers!

P.S. – thanks for not minding my cell phone tutorial photos.  We made the candles on a whim (sort of) and neither of us had our actual cameras.


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Valentine’s Day Menu Ideas

Hubby and I don’t usually go too far out of our ways for a big to-do on Valentine’s, but what we usually do, and we do it well I have to say, is cook yummy food and eat!

If you still need some dinner ideas for your homemade Valentine’s, maybe a few of these will spark your inspiration.  And why not have some fun tonight?  Shake it up a little with something out of your routine weekly menu, but just because you’re having fun, doesn’t mean you need to break the calorie and chemical bank either.  These are wholesome, real food dishes that’ll get your taste buds begging for more!


chicken-and-spinach-flautas - healthy delicious

Chicken & Spinach Baked Flautas via Healthy. Delicious (use whole wheat tortillas for the whole food version)

sweet potatoe fries - how sweet it is

Garlic Butter Sweet Potato Fries with Creamy Feta Dip via How Sweet It Is

sweet potato simosas - happy yolks

Baked Sweet Potato Simosas via Happy Yolks (use whole wheat flour for the whole food version)

tomato tart - sunshine and smile

Tomato Tart with Basil via Sunshine & Smile (use a whole wheat tart crust for the whole food version)

Soup + Salad:

spicy roasted corn and poblano soup - how sweet it is

Spicy Roasted Corn & Poblano Soup via How Sweet It Is

Shaved-Brussel-Sprouts-Salad-21-happy yolks

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad via Happy Yolks

Farro and Cauliflower Salad

Farro & Roasted Cauliflower Salad via No Recipes

gluten-free-pasta-salad-with-grapes via eating rules

Gluten Free Pasta Salad with Grapes & Chives via Eating Rules


quinoa stuffed-peppers - voraciousvander

Quinoa Stuffed Peppers via Voracious Vander

tomato summer squash gratin - eat life whole

Tomato Summer Squash Gratin via Eat Life Whole

shrimp burgers with chipotle cream - how sweet it is

Shrimp Burgers with Chipotle Cream via How Sweet It Is

grilled corn mushroom pablano tacos - how sweet it is

Grilled Corn, Mushroom & Poblano Tacos via How Sweet It Is

Sweet Treat:

strawberry vanilla bean swirl ice cream - naturally ella

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Swirl Ice Cream via Naturally Ella

whole wheat black raspberry scones - naturally ella

Whole Wheat Black Raspberry Scones via Naturally Ella

coconut custard - veggie zest

Coconut Custard with Strawberries & Honey Balsamic Sauce via Veggie Zest

red wine fudgsicles - a beautful mess

Red Wine Fudgsicles via A Beautiful Mess

I hope this gives you some yummy dinner ideas for tonight.  We’re making the fries with feta dip, brussels sprouts salad, stuffed peppers and coconut custards.  What a dinner this will be!   What do you have planned?

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Inspiration: Summer Cookout

Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to heat up those grills and get cookin’!

Here’s a little summer cookout inspiration.  We’ll start with the invites:

Ice Pop Invitations via Martha Stewart

You’ve invited them with ice pops, so why don’t you greet them with ice pops too!

Raspberry Lemonade Freezer Pops via Aggie’s Kitchen

Pair the pops with some fresh squeezed lemonade for a hot day cool off:

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade via Dine & Dish

And enjoy some fresh and fruity tarts:

Vanilla Cream Pies with Summer Berries via Roost

What are some of your favorite picnic party ideas?


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