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Real Wedding: Jodee + Alex’s Rustic Wedding Stationery

wedding stationery TD17

Burlap and kraft paper. I’m in crafting heaven.

Jodee and Alex were married this past weekend and what a lovely affair it was.

Leading up to the nuptials I had the honor of creating their wedding stationery.  The wedding featured burlap textiles and khaki tones with soft pink accents all in a gorgeous outdoor setting complete with my very favorite flower: baby’s breath.

So much fun it was to be a part of their special day, from planning the details, making their stationery, celebrating at her bridal shower, partying during the bachelorette weekend, coordinating on the day of, and most of all, standing at her side as they said “I do.”

I can’t wait to see their photos to relive the day with them over and over, but for now we can enjoy the stationery.

wedding stationery TD3

wedding stationery TD2

wedding stationery TD6

wedding stationery TD15

wedding stationery TD11

wedding stationery TD14

And here’s the card I made for us to sign for the lovely couple:

Love Wedding Card | Tiffany Lane

Love Wedding Card | Tiffany Lane

Stick around the blog and check back often for their wedding photos.  I can’t wait to see them and you know I won’t hold out on you for long!

Did you miss a few of my planning posts along the way?  Not to worry, catch up here!

Are you in the market for stationery or rustic home decor?  I hand make all sorts of things: cards, invitations, book marks, tags, jar labels, burlap and paper garlands, and wall decor.  Check out my Etsy shop, Tiffany Lane Creations, and feel free to message me with any questions regarding custom orders.


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The Countdown

August Break: The Countdown via Tiffany Lane HandmadeLess than a month to go until Alex and Jodee tie the knot!

Read more about August Break and see my other posts here!


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Wedding Planning Update: We Found a Venue!

fullerton arboretum arborArbor at the Fullerton Arboretum [Photo Courtesy of Tongho58 via Flickr]

We’ve jumped (and landed) the biggest and most urgent hurdle of wedding planning, finding a venue, and in turn, picking a date!

What a relief it was to see how much the glowing bride-to-be loved the venue, because we were getting down to the wire and running out of options.  And luckily one of the venue approved caterers is a barbecue joint, just what they want, yum!  The other falling-into-place detail is that they offer a coordinator to assist with the rehearsal and day of tasks, because I’ll also be a bridesmaid!

Looking forward to planning and being in this lovely day of matrimony.

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12 Month Wedding Checklist


In all my preparations to be the best wedding planner for our friends, I’ve compiled a 12 Month Wedding Checklist.  And since I’m sharing all my wedding planning stories, it only feels right to share this with you too!

12 Month Wedding Checklist

Feel free to use it for yourself and pass it along to your friends and family.

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How Much Money Should We Be Spending on the Wedding Venue?


This is a question many brides ask and the answer lies in the percentages.

As you know, I’m planning my friend’s wedding and we’ve just begun the search for a venue (which is quite the task!).  And as far as weddings go, the budget will be pretty tight.  The key with lower budget weddings is to get the most bang for your buck, but that’s a hard concept to grasp when there are so many things to spend money on.  The key to grasping the big picture is knowing approximately what percentages of your budget will be spent where, then you can consider whether that $10,000 venue price tag is really within your budget!

If you’re planning your special day, hopefully my Wedding Budget Worksheet (link below) should take a weight off your shoulders!  Keep in mind, this is an approximation.  Your budget may vary depending on what your priorities are, but this is a great starting point.

Wedding Budget Worksheet

Are you in wedding planning mode?  I’d love to here all about the gorgeous details.  Please comment below!

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Adventures in Wedding Planning

bridesmaids - tiffany lane

That’s right, I’m planning a wedding!  I have the honor of helping to plan the wedding of two of our best friends and I am so excited.

This is a win-win too.  They get an amazing (haha) planner on the house and I get experience, yay!  On my long list of career ideas, wedding/event planner has definitely been in the ranks for a while.  Realistically though, I hadn’t had the chance to test it out (except of course with my own wedding, but that doesn’t count), so this is the perfect chance.  I get to help plan a beautiful wedding for our friends (which I would want to do regardless) and I get to feel out the whole wedding planning thing.  Of course, I already have lots of lists and even a couple of spreadsheets, and I’ve only just begun!  True Tiffany fashion.

Now we’re off and running, taking the first steps, narrowing venue ideas and picking a date.  Wish me luck!


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