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Featuring: Feathers on 1st

First, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.  Can you believe it’s almost 2012? I can’t. So much happened this past year. I started this blog for one thing!

So on our approach to the upcoming new year, I want to introduce you to a lovely shop.

I ordered this pillow for a special occasion.  I needed a small, specific size and I needed it quickly. Heather to the rescue!  Heather from Feathers on 1st (who is a friend of a friend) made it for me custom in no time at all.  She was great to work with: friendly, prompt, understanding and a wonderful seamstress.

She usually makes pillow covers with a zipper enclosure, but since I needed a specific size and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a pillow form, she stuffed it for me. Huge help!

And it came wrapped adorably, which is always a plus!  I love her packaging. Simple. Cute. To the point. That’s the way I like it.

Here are some of the other items available in her shop:

Plus she doesn’t just make pillows:

And as I said before, she does custom work:

So next time you need a pillow, check out Feathers on 1st.  You won’t be disappointed. Promise.  And if you’re into buying local, she’s located here in Orange County.


P.S. – Those first two photos of my pillow are taken from my (new) smartphone.  A little better than those Christmas photos, huh? I told you it was all about the lighting.

P.P.S. – I know I’m very late to the smartphone party, especially for my generation.  I usually am the last to get the latest “new” tech thing. It’s partly due to the fact that I’m frugal and would like to preserve things past. BUT I LOVE my phone and am practically addicted. I know. I Know.

P.P.P.S – I almost forgot to tell you that this custom pillow is for a special someone and you’ll get a peak at that gift in a few days. Remember this?


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Gift Guide 2011: Handmade + Vintage

Got gift block? Here’s a compilation of some awesome gifts you may want to receive, you may want to give, or both!  I know most of these shops have stopped shipping for Christmas delivery, but these could at least serve as ideas. Try checking out antique and collectibles stores, or small family owned boutiques and you just never know what you’ll find!

Many of these are handmade and found via Etsy and others are vintage items that are always welcome!  I’ve already put some of these on my Christmas list and I may (or may not) have already purchased a couple for friends and family! Also, many of these from Etsy are some of my “favorites.”

Coat Rack via Cantilever and Press

Lip Balm via For Strange Women

Vintage Yellow Basket via The Wanderlust

Branch Wood Spools via Carolyns Homework

Fabric Covered Pushpins via Jelly Bean Studio

Vintage Memo Holder via The Wanderlust

Nature Inspired Long Sleeve Tee via A Little Lark

Branch Wall Hook via Vermont Branch Company

Zinc Letters + Numbers via The Wanderlust

Metal Magnetic Pocket via The Wanderlust

Chalkboard Jars via The Vintage Parlor

Burlap Stocking via Home Decor Lab

Birch Bark Candle Holders via Bragging Bags

If you have any other awesome gifts you would like to add, leave a comment with the link to the item below!


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Etsy Treasuries

One of the fun things about Etsy is that members can create treasuries, basically a compilation of 16 listed items of your choice and in any order you want.  Most people choose to showcase items of a certain theme or color scheme, because the prettier the better, right?  Plus, if yours is extra pretty and pertinent to the current trends, Etsy staff may pick it for the front page!  Here are a couple that I’ve put together, plus a few that include my items, too!


Whoever Said Trash Can’t Look Like Treasure?
A Burlap Love Affair


Others Who Have Featured Tiffany Lane:
I Dream of Aqua Blue featuring my Welcome Little One baby card
Toasted Almond featuring my Just Because Gift Tags
Etsy Men featuring my Grey Wood Grain Card

To see all of the other Etsy treasuries featuring Tiffany Lane, click to go to my Featured In page.

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Trash to Treasure: an Etsy Treasury.

‘Who Ever Said Trash Can’t Look Like Treasure?’ by TiffanyLaneCreations

All items are made from either repurposed or recycled materials and each is unique and beautiful in its own right, because who ever said trash can’t look like treasure?

Like an item, or more than one?  Click and you’ll be directed to the Etsy listing!

I love ’em all, but which are your favorites?

















Treasury tool is sponsored by A/B image testing.

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