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Favorites: Pinterest Finds

Are you on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?  It’s quite the hype right now.  From food to fashion and anything in between, you can find it all.  Today I’m showcasing a few of my favorite recent repins.  Food first, of course.

cauliflower dip - edible perspectiveLemon Herb Cauliflower Bean Dip via Edible Perspective

blueberry crumb muffins - edible perspectiveBlueberry Crumb Muffins via Edible Perspective

dark chocolate peanut butter cups - sprouted kitchenDark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups via Sprouted Kitchen

linen tape - fog linen workLinen Tape via Fog Linen Work

reclaimed wood projects - funky junk interiorsReclaimed Wood Projects via Funky Junk Interiors

What are your favorite Pinterest finds?


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Crafting Favorites: In The Spirit of National Craft Month

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? I sure didn’t.  That is until Bonnie filled me in and then Brittni reminded me.  I should know these things…

Since I’m now in the know, today’s post is all about some of my favorite crafty finds from around the web:

Fabric Streamers via Casey Baudoin

Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint via A Beautiful Mess

Slatted Wood Map Art via Design Sponge

Easy Messy Handprinted Polka Dots via A Beautiful Mess

Tag Save the Dates via Oh Hello Friend

Japanese Masking Tape Book Covers via Twig & Thistle

U.S. Corkboard Travel Project via Yellow Brick Road

Fabric Lined Votives via Fellow Fellow

Quote Pillow via Wit & Whistle

Do any of these get your craft mojo going? Please leave links to your favorite crafts in the comments below!


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Featuring: Feathers on 1st

First, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas.  Can you believe it’s almost 2012? I can’t. So much happened this past year. I started this blog for one thing!

So on our approach to the upcoming new year, I want to introduce you to a lovely shop.

I ordered this pillow for a special occasion.  I needed a small, specific size and I needed it quickly. Heather to the rescue!  Heather from Feathers on 1st (who is a friend of a friend) made it for me custom in no time at all.  She was great to work with: friendly, prompt, understanding and a wonderful seamstress.

She usually makes pillow covers with a zipper enclosure, but since I needed a specific size and I knew I wouldn’t be able to find a pillow form, she stuffed it for me. Huge help!

And it came wrapped adorably, which is always a plus!  I love her packaging. Simple. Cute. To the point. That’s the way I like it.

Here are some of the other items available in her shop:

Plus she doesn’t just make pillows:

And as I said before, she does custom work:

So next time you need a pillow, check out Feathers on 1st.  You won’t be disappointed. Promise.  And if you’re into buying local, she’s located here in Orange County.


P.S. – Those first two photos of my pillow are taken from my (new) smartphone.  A little better than those Christmas photos, huh? I told you it was all about the lighting.

P.P.S. – I know I’m very late to the smartphone party, especially for my generation.  I usually am the last to get the latest “new” tech thing. It’s partly due to the fact that I’m frugal and would like to preserve things past. BUT I LOVE my phone and am practically addicted. I know. I Know.

P.P.P.S – I almost forgot to tell you that this custom pillow is for a special someone and you’ll get a peak at that gift in a few days. Remember this?


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Favorites: Christmas Music

I love Christmas music, but only the good Christmas music. Yes, I discriminate.

Hubby and I went with our life group from Rockharbor to A Christmas Together. It’s a tour of amazing artists going up the west coast and sharing their talents and some Christmas music with churches along the way.

Since we hadn’t heard of many of the artists playing, we were pleasantly surprised to have loved so many of them. And the best part, we heard some of the best renditions of Christmas songs we have ever heard. It was awesome.

One of our favorite renditions was of White Christmas by the oh so talented, Drew Bray.  I tried to find a recording online so you’d know what I’m talking about, but to no avail. Sorry, you’ll just have to go to the concert to hear it.

Then after the show, we eagerly made our way to the booths and purchased a few of our favorites.

Volume 2 pictured below is the current artist compilation from the tour. I didn’t attend Volume 1, but I’m sure it was just as amazing, so I got that album too!

Plus, another pair (brothers to get specific) that was amazing (that the Hubs took their cds so I wasn’t able to photograph): Pawnshop Kings.

You can read more about A Christmas Together, all of the amazing artists and also check out their tour dates so you can get in on the action too! Just scroll down until you see the list of dates. They’re playing tonight in Fresno and their last show will be Thursday in San Juan Capistrano. Hope you can make it!

And if you keep scrolling, you’ll see the same intro videos we saw before each artist performed.  It’s fun to get to know them a little better!


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Gift Guide 2011: Handmade + Vintage

Got gift block? Here’s a compilation of some awesome gifts you may want to receive, you may want to give, or both!  I know most of these shops have stopped shipping for Christmas delivery, but these could at least serve as ideas. Try checking out antique and collectibles stores, or small family owned boutiques and you just never know what you’ll find!

Many of these are handmade and found via Etsy and others are vintage items that are always welcome!  I’ve already put some of these on my Christmas list and I may (or may not) have already purchased a couple for friends and family! Also, many of these from Etsy are some of my “favorites.”

Coat Rack via Cantilever and Press

Lip Balm via For Strange Women

Vintage Yellow Basket via The Wanderlust

Branch Wood Spools via Carolyns Homework

Fabric Covered Pushpins via Jelly Bean Studio

Vintage Memo Holder via The Wanderlust

Nature Inspired Long Sleeve Tee via A Little Lark

Branch Wall Hook via Vermont Branch Company

Zinc Letters + Numbers via The Wanderlust

Metal Magnetic Pocket via The Wanderlust

Chalkboard Jars via The Vintage Parlor

Burlap Stocking via Home Decor Lab

Birch Bark Candle Holders via Bragging Bags

If you have any other awesome gifts you would like to add, leave a comment with the link to the item below!


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Pinterest Finds

I’ve been browsing Pinterest for a little while now and am loving it! Not only can I find great inspiration at my fingertips, but it’s a great way for me to “bookmark” recipes I want to try out, pictures for the blog, ideas and inspiration for home decor and so much more.

In the spirit of Pinterest, here are some of my favorite finds so far this week:

Fabric Scraps via Olive Manna

Nutella Truffles via Seemingly Greek

Carry Your Heart via Julene Harrison

Kitchen via Acoustic Garden

Outdoor Entertaining via Remodelista

Dessert Table via LuxeFinds

Do Something Today via Modern Hepburn

Are you on Pinterest? What do you think about it and what are your favorite finds?

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Favorites: Mason Jars

Image Credit: Kaysen Photography

Ok, so I guess I’ve hinted, but haven’t really told you yet, but I L.O.V.E. mason jars! The batch above were the centerpieces at our wedding and if you check out this post, you’ll see how I use them in the guest bathroom.

I am always thinking of new ways to use my stash of jars for gifts and home decor, so I found a few from around the web.  Here’s to sharing the love!

From left to right, top to bottom:
Aqua Mason Jars via The Tortoise and The Hare
Mason Jar Craft Storage via Epheriell Designs
Mason Jar Lemonade via Yummy Wedding Food
Mason Jar Drink Dispenser via Pottery Barn
Mason Jar Chandelier via A Subtle Revelry
Mason Jar Cocktails via The District Domestic
Mason Jar Pies via Food Babbles

Share your ideas in the comments below!


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