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Blog Love: How Sweet It Is

brussel sprout grilled cheese - how sweet it is

You may have noticed in my Tuesday post that my recipe was adapted from How Sweet It Is.  Well, it would be an understatement to say I “follow her blog” because I’m really just obsessed!

Jessica has such personality, so beyond the amazing photography and drool worthy recipes, actually reading the posts is entertainment enough!  And while many of her recipes may be inspired by simple, well known dishes, there is almost always a delicious twist.

broiled feta carmelized pears - how sweet it is

apple bacon sweet potatoes - how sweet it is

bean burger patty melt - how sweet it is

What are you waiting for? Get over there now and start cooking!

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Blog Love: Happyolks

Shaved-Brussel-Sprouts-Salad - happyyolks

In the spirit of this new year, I want to add a new blog theme.  Periodically I’ll spotlight blogs that either I’ve followed for a long time or new blogs I’ve just come to admire.  In the blogging world, it’s so important to be community and support each other since the virtual connection can be so disconnecting.

For our first installment, I want to share a blog I recently discovered via Pinterest.  The photography alone drew me in; you can actually see the hands that prepare the food.  I love that.



And the recipes…oh the recipes.  Delicious.

Happyolks-Cabbage Salad



Kelsey and Shaun come across as a genuinely passionate couple and that makes following their blog even better.  Happyolks “is to celebrate the experience of creating a wholesome meal and the happiness that inherently grows from it. In the garden, at the farmers market, and from the hearts of our kitchen, we have a chance at each mealtime to express our gratitude to the earth, the day, and one another.”


Support Happyolks and check it out for yourself.

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