Earth Week 2014!

Earth Week 2014 | Tiffany Lane HandmadeEarth Week 2014 is upon us and we’re already a day in!

At my day job, I’m part of the Green Team for our office and we’re celebrating by reminding people to be good stewards of the earth and raffling off “green” prizes like small succulent plants, reusable water bottles, reusable tote bags and reusable food storage containers.  Tomorrow and Thursday, we’re also showing the movie Walle during lunchtime.  Lots of fun things!

Off the clock, this week (like every week) I’m being green by limiting my driving and carpooling when possible, composting, recycling, eating organic, using non-toxic products, buying in bulk to reduce packaging and waste, and so much more.  But while Earth Week is a good reminder for us to be living “green”, I want to stress that we shouldn’t wait all year until Earth Week, we should be green everyday!

How do you celebrate earth day (everyday)?


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  1. julie

    I combined errands…see about replanting easter Lily’s…stir my compost pile.

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