March National Craft Month 2014!

March National Craft Month | Tiffany Lane

Maybe you’ve noticed most of the posts around here lately haven’t been related to crafting…at all. Well, I’m not gonna lie, another creative rut has hit.  What is it about these past few months? But since March is only a few days out and the fact that it’s National Craft Month, I figured I couldn’t get away with not posting about crafting. Right?

Now I can’t promise much (especially since Krav Maga is taking over my weeknights right now), but once a week for the month of March I’ll post something related to crafting, whether it’s something I’ve made, that I want to make, or just something I find cool.  Fair enough?

And to really up the ante here, I want YOU to play along! Leave comments with links to your favorite crafts you find on the web or, better yet, things you’ve made. Fair enough?

You can find all March National Craft Month posts here.


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