Fresh Pressed Cider

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

Remember when I told you that apples are in my top 5 favorite foods?

Last weekend I was in bliss enjoying all Southern California’s apple country has to offer. Mountain views, check. Apple cider donuts, check. Walking through apple groves, check. Making our own fresh cider, check.

We’ve been going to Oak Glen every year for the past 4 years and last year was our first time apple picking! Such a fun experience and especially neat if you’ve got little ones. Beware, though, if you don’t make it early enough in the season (September), by the time you get there all the apple trees are picked clean, which was exactly our experience this year. Not to worry, the farms keep some of the trees to themselves so they can still sell apples throughout the season. And even though we weren’t able to pick our own apples off the trees, we made this year a first of its own, pressing our own cider!

You can either buy bagged apples from the farms or pick through apple crates of all varieties until you fill a bucket. We decided to sort through the crates so we could choose each apple and create a special blend.

Apple Cider | TIffany Lane

Then you wash the apples,

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

and pulverize them…

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

…into apple mush.

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

Then you press all the mush…

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

…until get you cider.

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

I love that this cider is fresh, raw and unfiltered.  And I love that it tastes SO good!

Apple Cider | Tiffany Lane

READER FEEDBACK: Have you ever been apple picking or made your own cider?



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2 responses to “Fresh Pressed Cider

  1. julie

    Looks like soo much fun. How did ur cider taste? Thank u for sharing♥♥♥

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