How’s October Unprocessed Going?

peas - krystlereeves[Photo Courtesy of Krystle Reeves via Etsy]

My one month detox is officially over. Looking back, it really wasn’t as difficult as I expected, most of the time. What worked for me was to change my mindset from “I’m not allowed to eat certain things” to “I’m aiding in my health so I don’t want to eat those things.” I didn’t crave the fruits and sugars like I thought I would (only a little), it was the eggs and beans (did someone say hummus?) and coconut products that I seemed to miss the most. Also, it would have helped for me to stock up on more veggies since there were nights I went to bed hungry (not the end of the world, I know) because I’d had enough nuts (pretty sure I ate my weight in nuts) and we were low on veggies. I got grumpy a couple times (shameful). Now that it’s over, I’ve been good about rationing my sugars and fruits and I’m still not eating wheat, corn or dairy.

Overall, I do feel a bit better, but I think my detox downfall was eating too many nuts. Since I wasn’t supposed to be eating fruit, which used to be my breakfasts, snacks and desserts, I compensated by eating nuts since they’re so quick and easy. Learned that lesson the hard and painful way.

I’ve also learned some of the foods I was eating were affecting my health more than I thought.  The few times I cheated, I knew it. Bloating, stomach ache, headache and overall feeling crummy. But when I didn’t cheat (and didn’t eat too many nuts), I felt great.

Would I recommend a detox? Well, that depends.  I obviously cannot provide any medical advice, so please consult your physician (holistic or naturopath preferred), but what I can provide is my opinion. If you need a reset, by all means, eating more produce (mostly vegetables), more whole foods, and cutting out (or at least down on) sugars is a great place to start. Set yourself a goal, change your mindset and go for it.

Moving along, I really hope you haven’t forgotten about October Unprocessed. These past few weeks have been easy for me since I was on the detox anyway, but I don’t see me having any problems finishing out the month strong, unprocessed of course!

How have you been doing?


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  1. julie

    Good for you!♡♡♡

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