October Unprocessed Begins!

asparagus - BLinton Photography[Photo Courtesy of B.Linton Photography via Etsy]

This year October Unprocessed is going to look a little different for me.  About a week and a half ago I started a one month detox not only cutting out processed foods (which I pretty much do anyway), but detoxing from all foods/drinks except: vegetables (not produce – no fruits allowed), grass fed/pastured beef, wild salmon, raw nuts and nut butters, green tea and herbal teas, with occasional visits of buckwheat (really a seed) and brown rice.  It’s basically the paleo diet minus the fruits and eggs plus allowing for small amounts of brown rice.

Why the detox? As I mentioned before, per my naturopath’s advice, I drastically reduced my intake of corn, wheat and dairy recently for various reasons.  Some of what is going on includes a lot of inflammation, and inflammatory foods (like wheat, corn and dairy) are only adding to the problems.  On top of that, my fasting glucose level is on the high side, among other things, so I’ve been warned to drastically reduce my intake of sugar, natural or not.

If you’ve been here a little while, you’d know I have quite the sweet tooth and because I also believe in a healthy diet, I’ve been satisfying my sweet tooth with fruit instead of other junk.  While this is good and has probably kept me as healthy as I am thus far, my body simply can’t handle even small amounts of natural sugars, at least not right now.

Once my official detox is over, I’ll be able introduce other foods again, including fruit on an irregular basis. But for now, I need to reset my body in a sense and give it a chance to heal without the burden of excess sugars, inflammatory foods and instead provide it only with foods that will aid in the healing process.

Understandably, vegetables, wild salmon, raw nuts, and green and herbal teas are considered very healthy to most, but you might be wondering how grass fed/pastured beef is healthy since there is controversy surrounding the healthfulness of beef.  In my case, iron is something I need more of and there is quite a bit of iron (among other health benefits) in healthy (i.e. grass fed/pastured) beef. Not only that, grass fed/pastured beef doesn’t contain those nasty hormones, nor are the cows fed diets of grain (which they aren’t meant to eat) and possibly GMO corn or other ingredients. As the saying goes, you are what you eat eats.

You also might be questioning how someone who eats so healthy would start to have health issues that are dramatically affected by food.  First of all, anything you eat will always affect your health.  Food is fuel and directly correlates to health. But, not every body is the same, just as not everyone is the same.  Through my research I’ve discovered the term bio-diversity, basically meaning that people are different and different bodies require unique diets.  In my case, excess sugars and inflammatory foods are merely fueling the flame that’s deteriorating my health, while someone else may be able to healthfully consume dairy and fruits on a regular basis and be well. Even though I was eating healthfully, I wasn’t eating for my body. As the other saying goes, knowledge is power.

As I continue on my detox journey, I hope you’ll join me for at least a month of unprocessed foods, and no, I don’t expect you to go into full detox mode!

READER FEEDBACK: Have you ever completed a detox? If so, why and from what?



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