The Countdown

August Break: The Countdown via Tiffany Lane HandmadeLess than a month to go until Alex and Jodee tie the knot!

Read more about August Break and see my other posts here!



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3 responses to “The Countdown

  1. “DOW 9000 new line in the sand – this supports ’sentiment’ and makes consumers feel good – gets em spending again.”New line in the sand? A 35% retracement? What’s with the air up there?

  2. Ha, ha, ha, funny Unclelarry, your comment about shaving your head and looking like a middle aged Charlie Brown just slayed me! Do you have the shirt with the zigzag too? Now you know what you can be next Halloween! I’d love to see that.Halph I LOVED those gushers. They were amazing.SD

  3. vre malaka blaxe perifane xoriati poia mesa k poies malakies les .ama ta eixame me to koloniso soy tha pezame.tin omada thn exoume emeis oi opadoi me to ysterima mas skatoxoriati vogli .migdala re bomxazovlare.gtuo to kombex sas.gamo ton pao olympiako aek paok kai oti allo yparxei.ionikos kai mono .

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