Photography: Learning to Use Our DSLR

So we just splurged.  Which is big for me, since, ya’ know, I’m so frugal and all. But figuring it will be both of our birthdays and Christmas presents for this year, it’s not so bad.

Along with this new camera, though, means learning how to use it. Yes, in auto mode it will still take much better photos than my point and shoot. But it seems a little bit of a waste to spend quite a chunk of money on something that’s meant to be used in manual, just to “point and shoot” like I pretty much was before.

It’s a lot.  Learning all the different modes and buttons, then understanding how they interact and affect each other.  Little by little I’ll catch on and add one more button or mode to my repertoire. And it helps that hubby has done a ton of research and loves to play around with it.  He will definitely be my guide through the process.

For now, I’ll share some photos I took over the weekend while photographing Alex and Jodee’s wedding stationery (you’ll have to wait a little while to see those), and what better subjects than burlap ribbon and twine?

burlap ribbon 3

twine 1

twine 6

twine 10

twine 16

Periodically I’ll share my photos here with you and hopefully we can learn from each other. Do you have a DSLR?  I’d love your feedback and any general tips you’ve got. Learning is all about gathering knowledge from all over.  Everyone has a different take and style.  You’ll quickly catch on that I love shooting with really shallow depths of field.


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