Oh, hello there, Mr. Bison: Catalina Hiking and Encountering Wildlife

I was off the radar a bit this past week, sorry if you missed me.  But you probably didn’t so we’re all good then.

We’ve taken a few weekend trips and just been a little busy with life.  And sometimes for me that means my creative spirit takes a toll.  It felt good to step away.  Now it feels good to be back.

How have you been?  Hopefully well.

I’ve been great.  Enjoying lots of friends and family time.  Oh, and we met a bison.

Bison - tiffany laneHiking in Catalina is not only gorgeous (due to its terrain and ocean views), but magnificent as well when you figure coming across wildlife like this handsome fella is more likely than not.

We were hoping to see quite a bit of wildlife, you know from a distance.  Stopping every so often to enjoy the views, figuring we’d see some deer, lots of birds and a few squirrels.  In for a treat we were!

What we were not expecting was to turn a corner and meet up with Mr. Bison, just a mere 15 feet from us.  A cloud of dust gave him away as we cleared the bushes around the bend.  He heard us before we noticed him.  A warning sign, I would venture to guess.

Ruger had no clue at this point.  Oh, you didn’t see the dust, hear him breathe like a giant or sense him like any good guard dog would?  So much for a guard dog.

Ryan grabbed the camera, slowly passed by and took some shots, then waved us on.

Passing Bison - tiffany lane

Not knowing how Ruger would react when he finally realized the enormous creature on the side of the road, I took him by the collar and slowly, quietly walked on by.  You can see in the photo above that Ruger is looking to our left, completely oblivious… It wasn’t until we were just passed parallel to the bison that Ruger finally caught on, then he proceeded to flail his body in all sorts of directions.  Good dog.  Spook the giant animal 15 feet away.

Mind you, this picture does not do justice to the largeness and close proximity of the animal one bit.  He was huge and close.  Or maybe it’s our distorted memory of how huge and close he was to us since, ya know, how often do you expect to meet a bison in the wild?  We were a little taken off guard.

Once we had passed to a safe distance, I let go of Ruger then he decided it was high time to show his intimidation.  Yes, barking will do the trick. Silly dog.

After our exciting encounter with Mr. Bison, we kept on our way, trekking the UPHILL 1.9 miles that felt like 5.  And that’s not a typo, I meant to yell, “UPHILL” because it was very uphill.  Quite a workout for 1.9 miles.  It’s amazing how slowly one can walk when walking almost straight uphill.  It seemed at times we weren’t even going anywhere.  I am pretty sure it took us almost an hour to go 1.9 miles.  Mind you, we hike fast.  We can usually do 2 miles in about 30 minutes, give or take.  It was a crawl, but hey, I’m not complaining.  I’m all for feelin’ the burn.  A workout it was.  And totally worth it.

tiff and ruger - tiffany laneOur hike continued as we ventured to one of the high peaks in hopes to get a 360 view of the surrounding ocean.  Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side and the clouds were pretty thick.  But the cool thing was that we hiked above the clouds.  Just like a fluffy blanket. Pretty neat to see the tops of clouds like that.  I’ve seen them from above before while flying, but never on foot.

We rounded out the afternoon with a stop at Parsons Landing for some lunch and a swim for the pup.  A secluded camping beach, accessible only by foot or ocean, complete with picnic tables, fire pits and wood, toilets, and non-potable water.  Camping of choice to many kayakers and backpackers.

parsons landing - tiffany lane

We’d love to go back and spend a few days.  What fun to hike or kayak in and enjoy the peacefulness for some time.  Truly enjoying nature.

Heading back to where we started, we could soon see Emerald Bay in all its splendor.

Emerald Bay - tiffany lane They don’t call it Emerald Bay for nothing.  Its gorgeous emerald waters are so clear you can see the ocean bottom 30 feet down.  Just marvelous.

What have you been up to so far this summer?



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5 responses to “Oh, hello there, Mr. Bison: Catalina Hiking and Encountering Wildlife

  1. What a cool hike! I also recently experienced hiking through then above the clouds. Neat, isn’t it? I didn’t know Catalina Express allowed dogs. Good to know. I’d love to put this on my wishlist. What is the name of the trail? Thanks Tiffany!

  2. Awesome story Tiffany! I wish I could take a weekend and go to Catalina! I’m bookmarking this so when Kelly and I can get away, we’ll know exactly where to go. 🙂

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