Homemade Green Tea Face Wash

It takes a little bit of research to go from commercial face wash to homemade.  You’ve got to evaluate your skin tone (which hopefully you know already since you would take this into account when purchasing face wash), decide which type of face wash you like and want (i.e., creamy, foaming, scrubbing…), compare ingredients (price, ease of acquisition, etc.), and finally determine how much effort you are willing to put in.  

A lot of the research I did led me to the oil cleansing method, which is quite popular in the natural cosmetics sphere.  Because I have naturally oily skin, cleaning my skin with more oil simply does not sound appealing.  I cannot vouch for this method either way since I have never tried it.  Have you?  I’d love to know what you think.

Alternatively, I landed on a concoction that lathers and is made with components known for healing properties such as green tea and tea tree oil.  It also includes another oil component to balance the skin and keep it from drying out; I used sweet almond.

The recipe I sourced mine from via DIY Natural calls for chamomile tea for its anti-inflammatory properties, but I didn’t have chamomile tea on hand. Instead I used the organic green tea I typically keep in stock, which bodes well since green tea is naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.  I chose tea tree oil as my essential oil since it is supposed to help with acne (which I have unfortunately struggled with this past year) because of its anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.


Makes: approx. 4 oz

green tea face wash - tiffany lane

1/4 cup liquid castile soap (I love Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap – Almond*)
1/4 cup green tea
3/4 tsp sweet almond oil*, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, or olive oil

8-10 drops essential oils (I used tea tree, try eucalyptus or peppermint)


Brew a cup of strong green tea and allow 1/4 cup to cool.  In the meantime, combine all other ingredients and add green tea once completely cool.  Pour into a squirt or pump bottle and shake slightly to combine before each use as it may separate.

I happen to love this recipe as the cleanser lathers nicely, takes off all of my makeup, and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean, without drying it out.  I’d love to hear your feedback if you try this recipe, or have any others you love!

P.S. In case you missed it, check out my recent post for a homemade shampoo and conditioner!

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21 responses to “Homemade Green Tea Face Wash

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  4. Jennifer Marshall

    it seems like there is too much soap ratio in this recipe. my skin feels very tight after using. do you have any suggestions? jen

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  7. Anna Russo

    Can this recipe be doubled?

  8. Ashley

    What’s the purpose of the essential oil? does it add anything or could I leave it out?

    • Hi Ashley! Essential oils can be very beneficial (read up on some of them here http://shalommama.com/beginner) and each one is unique to its benefits. They’re not necessary for the face wash as far as cleaning goes, the castile soap base will clean your face, but they can really add value. So I wouldn’t avoid making a homemade face wash because you don’t have oils, but I highly recommend looking into them yourself and finding one or a few that might work for you. Thanks for reading my blog, I appreciate you stopping by! I hope you’re able to find some homemade recipes you like.

  9. Beth Tappen

    I made this recipe and diluted it to use with a foaming dispenser. While it smells and feels wonderful, it is a muddy brown color and leaves my skin red and a little dry. I usually have combo skin/oily skin. Do you think I could add more oil during the winter months, or is my skin too sensitive for this wash? What about adding some vitamin E for it’s natural preservative properties and more moister?

    • Hello Beth,

      Its possible your skin is too sensitive. The castile soap might be too strong, but you could try the mild/baby castile soap which is made for sensitive skin. Ive started using the mild/baby soap, especially in my shampoo, because my skin was starting to dry out, and it’s a huge difference. If that doesn’t help, there may be something else your skin is being irritated by, in which case either consult your doctor or try a new recipe. Everyone’s skin is different. Hope you find something natural that works!

  10. Samantha

    I just came across your green tea face wash, as well as your DIY shampoo and conditioner! I can’t be more excited to try it out 😊i have been trying to get away from commercial products as much as possible. Being prone to oil skin I am hoping this will be a great cleanser for my skin.
    Thank you for your advice!

  11. Kelly

    So i was wondering if this cleanser had to be refridgerated and how long till it expires

    • Hi Kelly! I do not refrigerate mine, not sure of an exact expiration, but this amount of facewash lasts me about a month, give or take, and hasn’t gone rancid on me so far. Hope you try it out, I love it!

  12. Michelle Ernst

    I have been using the Oil Cleansing Method for a few months now and it’s wonderful! I too have oily, acne prone, sensitive skin and it works beautifully. I was extremely skeptical, but willing to try. I use 1 part coconut oil, 1 part castor oil and 1 part grapeseed oil. It took a few attempts before I settled on this recipe. I plan on making your recipe for my daughter. Like you, she prefers a foamy cleanser.

    • Thanks for sharing. Maybe one of these days I’ll muster the guts to try the oil cleansing method! I hope your daughter enjoys this more foaming cleanser. I still love it and its nice to switch up the scents too. Dr Bronners has lots of options in their castile soap line, the almond and eucalyptus are two of my favorites!

  13. Penny Wells

    Thanks Tiffany, I am looking forward to trying your shampoo and conditioner recipes as well as this one 🙂

  14. This might sound like an incredibly stupid question, but where would you recommend buying the green tea? Do you know where these ingredients would be available?

    • There are no stupid questions! I bought this organic green tea from Sprouts. Mother’s or Whole Foods also carry organic green tea and I am pretty sure they have organic green tea at Trader Joe’s. Lots of neighborhood grocery stores are carrying more and more organic foods. As far as the castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s), almond oil and essential oils, I buy mine on Amazon, but I know health food stores carry them as well.

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