Spring Crafting

outdoor shelves craft - inspired by charm Photo Courtesy of Inspired By Charm

It’s been Spring for more than a month now, so I hope you’ve had a chance to do some Spring cleaning, or at least added it to your to-do list, or at the very least thought about it.  I did some cleaning out a couple weeks ago, tossing clothes, shoes and beauty products I no longer wear or use, and it felt great!

But as cleansing as Spring cleaning can be, crafting is so much more fun!  Gear up for some craft inspiration and head over to Pinterest’s DIY & Craft section as well as my Pinterest DIY Project board.  Check out my crafting section right here on the blog too!

I always have lots of ideas on my craft to-do list.  Right now I’m looking forward to making a few bug repellent soy wax candles for the backyard, luggage ID dog tags, a workout shirt from old t-shirt, an essential oil diffuser, a pallet coffee table, wine bottle candles and wine bottle candle covers (with our new bottle cutting kit).  What’s on your craft to-do list?


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