How Are You Commemorating Earth Day?

earth day 2013 - tiffany lane

Yep, it’s that time of year again.  Next Monday is Earth Day and can I just say that it is truly amazing how quickly time flies.  We’re already three quarters through April people!

Last year for Earth Day I touched on my most recent (at the time) decision to clean out our toxic cleaning supplies (pun intended) and start using products that are safe for the environment and my family.

Something to keep in mind is that Earth Day is not just about the way we treat nature and our environment directly.  The way we live our lives and treat our own bodies have a huge effect on the outcome in this beautiful world we’ve been blessed to occupy.  Another good point to touch on is that Earth Day should not be the only day we take the time to consider making healthier choices, but it is a great time to reflect and recharge.

Looking back, it’s nice to say I’ve upped my game this past year, working my way to a healthier home, in turn paving a way to a healthier place for our children and the next generations to come.

The ways I currently reduce my toxic fingerprint (for my family and the environment) are all over the map (and growing):

Cooking with organic and local ingredients when possible (we joined a CSA – that I also worked for a few months last year): reducing toxic chemical infiltration in our produce and the soil, reducing fuel consumption, and eating fresher/more nutritious foods.

Purchasing bulk ingredient items to make wholesome foods from scratch: reducing our intake of nasty food additives and reducing product packaging.

Cleaning with natural, non-toxic cleaners: reducing the chemical effects on our bodies and the environment.

Planning my errands logistically: reducing fuel consumption.

Using natural beauty products (almond, coconut and olive oils as moisturizers, etc.): reducing toxic chemicals absorbed by my skin.

Making my own beauty products (deodorant and face wash for now – shampoo/conditioner to come): reducing product packaging, driving time for errands, consumption of toxic ingredients and more!

One (of the many) great benefits to all of this, besides being and feeling healthier, is that these things almost always save money too, and who doesn’t want a little more moolah in that bank account!  A secondary, but no lesser, benefit is that all of this means voting with your dollars.  You’re instantly and directly supporting the whole living lifestyle, taking a stance without saying a word.

Like I have said before and I’ll say it again, none of this happens instantaneously, it’s a process.  It’s a mindset and a lifestyle.  While I of course encourage each and every one of you (and remind myself) to take healthy steps each day, don’t push too hard and go cold turkey on me!  It doesn’t work that way.  Change one thing (or two or three) and once that becomes normal/routine, change something else.  Soon enough you and your family will be living a healthy, wholesome life and I promise, you’ll feel the difference.

I’d would love to hear your stories and what you are doing in your lives right now.  Do you have any great healthy recipes: food, cleaning or otherwise?

I’m no expert and I’m not claiming to be.  Just a wife and animal lover trying her best to be, stay and live healthfully.  If you ever have questions or have anything to say, I’d love to chat.  Leave a comment or send me an email.



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2 responses to “How Are You Commemorating Earth Day?

  1. julie

    I would like to know how u make your own deodorant?

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