Recipes: Whole Wheat Toaster Pastries + Date Caramel Tart

whole wheat toaster pastry + date caramel tart

I loved pop tarts as a kid.  So many other kids did and still do too.  It doesn’t take much to realize pop tarts aren’t really a wholesome breakfast.  Nor do they even make a slightly decent dessert.  They’re pretty bad from a health standpoint, with too much sugar and too many ingredients I would never have in my pantry.

The alternative? A whole wheat toaster pastry, sweetened with just a bit of honey and natural sugars from your homemade fruit jam.  Now that sounds like a breakfast (and snack and dessert) I want to eat!

whole wheat toaster pastry 1 - tiffany lane

whole wheat toaster pastry 2 - tiffany lane

Thanks to 100 Days of Real Food for yet again, a wonderful, homemade alternative to those pesky processed foods.  Head over to Lisa’s blog for the full recipe (and stick around, it’s a great resource).  Note: I added a touch of honey to the dough and also substituted half of the butter for room temperature coconut oil.  My strawberry jam is simply frozen strawberries and honey to taste, and the best part is that it’s hubs approved, so you know it’s yummy!

date caramel tart 1 - tiffany lane

date caramel tart 2 - tiffany lane

Moving onto my spur of the moment date caramel tart.  It’s delicious.  You should definitely not wait to make this.

It came about because I tend to make a day of baking and creating yummy treats.  The day I made the toaster pastries and strawberry jam, I also made Almond Date Truffles (which I really just made into bars and nixed the almonds, totally awesome, and also hubs approved!) and this date caramel.  Again, totally awesome and hubs approved.  I have to say it was a very successful treat making day!

Well, I had a little extra dough from the pastries and I had just made the caramel, what better idea than to combine the two?

Simply form rustic tart shapes about 3-4 inches in diameter and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 18-24 minutes, until the top is golden.  I baked just one on the same baking sheet as the toaster pastries.

date caramel tart 3 - tiffany lane

What are your favorite wholesome treats?


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