My Top 5 Favorite Foods

Yes, they’re fruits & veggies!  And yes, they’re whole foods.  I’ve outlined below my top five (in no particular order) and how I like to eat them.

Brussel Sprouts: roasted to perfection with balsamic vinegar, finished with fresh lemon juice
Roasted-Brussels-Sprouts - the black peppercorn[Roasted Brussel Sprouts via The Black Peppercorn]

Apples: straight up, with nut butter, or in a sandwich

Bananas: straight up, in a sandwich, or tons of other ways (stay tuned for a post all about bananas)

Sweet Potatoes: roasted to perfection or mashed into oblivion

Nut Butters: straight up, on fruit, in sandwiches and in yummy treats

almond butter - full measure of happiness[Almond Butter via Full Measure of Happiness]
What are your favorite foods?


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3 responses to “My Top 5 Favorite Foods

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