Health: The Many Uses of Tea Tree Oil

tea-tree-essential- via viva women[Photo Courtesy of Viva Woman]

In my pursuit to rid our home of any and all things toxic, I’ve begun using natural oils for projects all around the house.  Coconut and almond oils as makeup removers and skin moisturizers.  Rosemary and other lovely scented essential oils as a faux perfume.  Eucalyptus oil in candle making.  And now tea tree oil .

Each oil has its own great skill set and they’re all pretty versatile.  Check out Simple Homemade for list of uses around the house, from skin care to house keeping, with lots in between, and Viva Woman for Tips on Using Essential Oils for Health and Beauty.

Starting today, I’m going to be including some posts on health periodically, with lots about my journey delving into the world of natural oils.

Today I want to focus on Tea Tree oil and its many uses.  It has anti-septic and anti-fungal properties, making it a great staple to your first aid and cosmetic collections.  Try it for treating acne, body odor, athlete’s foot or nail infections, cold and flu symptoms, and cuts and burns.  It also makes a great house cleaner and disinfectant.  Instead of regurgitating all the research I did, I’ll just link to some good sources below:

Medical and Cosmetic Benefits of Tea Tree Oil via Viva Woman

20 Great Uses for Tea Tree Oil via Care2 Make a Difference

Tea Tree Oils Uses & Effectiveness via WebMD

A note of caution: do not rub pure essential oils directly onto your skin. Always dilute with a carrier oil, such as jojoba, vitamin e, coconut, almond or olive.  The suggested ratio would be half or less than half essential oil to carrier oil.  Also, proceed with extra caution if you have any health conditions or are pregnant.

Keep an eye out for a couple upcoming health posts including one about coconut oil (my very favorite oil!) and another about natural skincare for babies.


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2 responses to “Health: The Many Uses of Tea Tree Oil

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  2. juli panter

    Thank You for thre information on Tea Tree Oil. I have been looking into o;is to add to the bath and will help clear my sinuses.

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