How Much Money Should We Be Spending on the Wedding Venue?


This is a question many brides ask and the answer lies in the percentages.

As you know, I’m planning my friend’s wedding and we’ve just begun the search for a venue (which is quite the task!).  And as far as weddings go, the budget will be pretty tight.  The key with lower budget weddings is to get the most bang for your buck, but that’s a hard concept to grasp when there are so many things to spend money on.  The key to grasping the big picture is knowing approximately what percentages of your budget will be spent where, then you can consider whether that $10,000 venue price tag is really within your budget!

If you’re planning your special day, hopefully my Wedding Budget Worksheet (link below) should take a weight off your shoulders!  Keep in mind, this is an approximation.  Your budget may vary depending on what your priorities are, but this is a great starting point.

Wedding Budget Worksheet

Are you in wedding planning mode?  I’d love to here all about the gorgeous details.  Please comment below!


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