Adventures in Wedding Planning

bridesmaids - tiffany lane

That’s right, I’m planning a wedding!  I have the honor of helping to plan the wedding of two of our best friends and I am so excited.

This is a win-win too.  They get an amazing (haha) planner on the house and I get experience, yay!  On my long list of career ideas, wedding/event planner has definitely been in the ranks for a while.  Realistically though, I hadn’t had the chance to test it out (except of course with my own wedding, but that doesn’t count), so this is the perfect chance.  I get to help plan a beautiful wedding for our friends (which I would want to do regardless) and I get to feel out the whole wedding planning thing.  Of course, I already have lots of lists and even a couple of spreadsheets, and I’ve only just begun!  True Tiffany fashion.

Now we’re off and running, taking the first steps, narrowing venue ideas and picking a date.  Wish me luck!



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6 responses to “Adventures in Wedding Planning

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  2. julie panter

    Good luck!

  3. D Neptune

    Ok, curiosity is high…who is getting married??? Alex and Jodi? or???

  4. This is so great Tiffany! I hope you have a blast and learn lots – I know it will be beautiful!

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