Mighty Christmas

I will not only be spending a wonderful day with family today, but we will remember the true meaning of Christmas.  Let’s be mindful and thankful for the birth of Jesus, that God became flesh and lived among us to be our Savior.

Last week, our church hosted a Christmas concert called A Christmas Together (if you recall, I blogged about last year’s concert too) featuring amazing artists living out the gospel and spreading his love through their music.  One gentlemen, Tim Timmons, wrote a song for this year’s album called Mighty Christmas.  He explained that the word “merry” does not mean bright and cheerful as we use it today.  It really means to be mighty.  Together, let’s make this Christmas not only merry, but so very mighty, in light of the gift God gave us those many years ago and the gifts he continues to bless us with today.

Joy and blessings to you and your families.


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