Healthy Snacks On The Road (Part 1): Bring It From Home


[Photo Courtesy of 100 Days of Real Food via Eating Rules]

Travelling and eating clean don’t coincide very well most often.  Your best bet is to plan ahead and bring your own homemade treats.  Here are some of my favorites:

Fresh Fruit: I love eating fresh fruit all the time, and it’s especially nice to have it on the go.  The best fruits are those you can eat easily without a mess.  Grapes are wonderful since they are easy to pop in your mouth without fuss or mess.  Apples are great whole or sliced, just be sure to refrigerate slices to keep them fresh longer since they brown pretty quickly.  Oranges work well too and you can peel those pretty easily.  Bananas will work, but try to keep them from bouncing around too much as they bruise so easily.

Dried Fruit: Drying or dehydrating your own would be ideal, since lots of packaged varieties have preservatives.  In either case, dried fruit is so easy to pack and eat on the go. 

Nuts: Buy these in bulk and roast your own to bring out their true nuttiness!  Then you can throw together a nice mix of your favorites.

Trail Mix: Another great one to make your own, since packaged varieties are expensive and many have candy and other unacceptable add ins.

Kale Chips: I’m hooked on these now that I’ve got a great recipe from a friend.  Slow roasted cashews pulsed with raw red onion and spices makes for some yummy nacho flavored crunchy kale!

Wholesome Baked Goods: Many times I try to bake some healthy, wholesome cookies or muffins to take along for a slightly sweet treat, that can also double as a great breakfast item if you keep the sweetener to a minimum. 

Granola: Something so easy and even more delicious fresh out of the oven.  Check out 100 Days of Real Food for a great recipe.

Yogurt: This one is an unexpected treat on the road, and a yummy one at that.  Just be sure to pack your cooler!  I buy plain whole milk yogurt and sweeten/flavor it myself with either a couple tablespoons of honey or a homemade fruit compote.

Cheese Slices:  Another one you’ll need the cooler for, but so worth it.  Pair it with the cheese and nuts for a well rounded mini meal.

Popped Corn: Please don’t ever buy microwaveable popcorn again!  It’s so easy and quick to pop your own at home and you can make it sweet or savory.  To make it sweet, I use coconut oil to cook it in and drizzle honey over the popped corn.  For a great savory option, use olive oil and sprinkle a little salt, pepper and freshly shredded Parmesan over top.

Homemade Lara Bars: Check out Eating Rules for a few great recipes.  My favorite is cashew cookie.  These work best refrigerated (they stay together better), but it’s not necessary. I suggest cutting them into small squares and storing them individually to make them easy snacks on the road.  You may want to pack some napkins too!

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming soon with tips on eating well while on the road when your only option is the gas station!



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3 responses to “Healthy Snacks On The Road (Part 1): Bring It From Home

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  2. Your kale chips sound great! I have a chocolate kale recipe I like but I love the savory combo you recommend. I too make my own yogurt and popcorn – so much you can do with that! I posted some ideas for kids and popcorn a while back – yummy! So agree with you on the nuts thing, too – yay!

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