Crafting: Resourcefulness

Outdoor Shelves DIY via Inspired by Charm

You find this amazing project online you want to do now, right now (like those amazing outdoor shelves)!  But you notice after some investigating, you don’t even have half of the materials on hand.  You also don’t have much extra money to just jump in the car and head to your local craft store to cash out.  So do you throw your hands up, turn on the tv instead and veg? No, of course not!  You’re resourceful.  And that’s what I like about you.

You get your game face on and start the out-of-the-box thinking.  You scour the house and garage for anything that might work.  Then you scrounge what extra money you can, within reason, and head to your neighborhood thrift store with list in hand.  Scouring the shelves you finally come out on top, with everything on your list.  You’re ready to craft.

But crafting aside.

To be honest, one thing I do find pride in myself is my resourcefulness.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to boast, because really, I am a humble person.  But I believe I could hold my own if a natural disaster occurred and I actually needed to support and protect myself.  I guess it’s my nature loving soul that gives me an urge to live off the land and be self sustaining, and the adventure part of me that has dreams that seem like an action film where I’m being chased by the bad guys and somehow come out on top because I’m more resourceful and crafty and clever than they are.  But that’s just me.

So get out there and pin those projects and start living life on the edge (as if the “edge” really has anything to do with resourcefullness?).  Once you get your thought process out of the norm, the possibilities are endless!

In what ways, whether in your craft, business or personal life, are you most resourceful?


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  1. julie panter

    I’m very interested in living off the land. Looks like before electricity everything was self sustaining. You had to grow your own food, walk or ride a horse etc. Kids played outside and had a lot of excersize. I like the show revolution because it does show how different things are without electricy. We rely heavily on it and can’t survive without it now.

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