My New Rosemary Plant!

Since we moved into our new place, I had been wanting to get a small rosemary plant for our picnic table.  I had the perfect pot in mind that I had been meaning to paint for a couple of years.  Don’t ask why it took me that long to actually do it.  It’s probably because I had nothing to put in it, until now!

The pot I am talking about was gifted to me with a flower in it (that of course I killed, darn my black thumb) and bright pink and green with swirly flowers painted all over.  Don’t get me wrong, it was cute, but if you know me at all you would know that’s not my style.  Paint can fix that.

So paint away I did and in about 20 minutes it was ready for my new rosemary plant.  It really softens the rough table and looks great out on the patio.

Now the challenge is to keep the plant alive!  We eventually want to build above ground planters to start a veggie garden.  How’s your hand at gardening?


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One response to “My New Rosemary Plant!

  1. julie panter

    Very nice. I bet it smells great!

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