Featured Artisan: U.S. of Awesome

I recently discovered and started following a lovely food blog, Whipped.  All of the recipes look delicious, yum.  Thanks Caroline!

But that’s not all that’s great about what I discovered. Caroline’s husband lost his job a few months ago (you can read up on that here), and in an effort to create a job for himself, they created U.S. of Awesome.  Read all about the new venture in Caroline’s words here, but here’s a snippet as well:

“U.S. of Awesome is a celebration of Americana and all the people, places and ideas that make the United States of America awesome.”

U.S. of Awesome wants to “partner with and promote American artists and artisans.”  The aim is that all products sold through the site as well as the shipping supplies, office supplies and “even the drinks” in their fridge are 100% made in America.

Not only is U.S. of Awesome celebrating and supporting American artisans, they will donate $1 for every shirt they sell online to one of three causes: Educate America, Feed America, Preserve America.

Come on, let’s support America together!

You can visit their website, follow along with the blog, connect on Facebook, chat on Twitter,  swoon on Pinterest, and sign up for the newsletter too.  There are no shortage of ways to stay in touch!  And for more information about U.S. of Awesome, read up here.

So what do ya say? Support America and buy a shirt!



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3 responses to “Featured Artisan: U.S. of Awesome

  1. Wow. To say that you just made my day is an understatement. Though starting a new business can be romantic, the day to day can be tiring. Thanks for the boost!

  2. This is so cool Tiffany, thank you for sharing! Off to check out Whipped too!

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