Doggy Diaries: Learning the Ropes

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Not that I’m not completely in love with Ruger, but he’s got to learn the ropes around here.  Fast!

It’s exhausting constantly tracking the dog around the house.  It seems that a ratio of approximately 70/30 exists.  70% yelling no.  30% puppy behaving.

Don’t get me wrong, for a 4 month old puppy, he’s very smart and not too crazy.  But between him eating the cat food (and the cats eating his food, ha!), peeing inside the house (when he clearly knows he should pee outside), jumping and barking at the cats, and doing every other thing he shouldn’t be doing, I’m tired.

But it’s all worth it.

“He’s just a puppy.” That’s what we remind ourselves when he’s being extra crazy.

Before we know it, he’ll be well trained and peaceful.The cats are already making it known whose boss around here. Remington got a nice little (and I mean tiny) chunk out of Ruger’s cheek.  Pretty soon the dog will catch on.  And that picture up there?  The cats like to taunt him.

A couple positives about our little (and growing) bundle of joy? First, he is great with kids!  There are some kids in our culdesac that love him.  They poke his face, grab his tail and ears, and he just sits there.  Second, he isn’t much of a barker.  Yes, he barks when we put him in his crate to leave, which is pretty short lived.  But when ALL the neighborhood dogs start barking every night like clock-work, he doesn’t even budge.  What a good boy!

So if nothing else, at least it’s exciting around our house. And it’s weird to think we have three pets now.  That just seems like a lot of animals.  Does it to you?

What are your experiences training puppies?



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5 responses to “Doggy Diaries: Learning the Ropes

  1. julie panter

    Poor thing…yes puppies are tiring but sooo darn cute!

  2. Marie

    Sounds like Ruger is training YOU well!!! Do you give him a treat when he gets into his crate? Blaze LOVES going in to his just for that reason…and, I think he feels “safe” there. So glad to get an update…I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing!

    Oh…and to the post above…we had two Newfoundlands and two German Shepherds at one time in our “previous life” (before kids!!!). They were in the house when we were, but out romping the yard when we were away. They were VERY well behaved inside and it was always fum having them around!

    • Yep, we give him a treat when ho goes into his crate and once we close the gate and he lays down. He is just now starting to go in on his own if we are in the room. And one time he went in there all by himself when we were in the other room, progress! And geez, two huge dogs and two enormous ones all at the same time. You and Steve are CRAZY! However, you were professional dog trainers so I bet they were very well behaved! And as much work as it is, and is going to continue to be, it is fun having him around!

  3. I bet it’s a workout! I actually have very little dog experience as we always had cats. There was one very memorable house sitting experience though with FOUR GOLDEN RETRIEVERS who lived IN THE HOUSE. I got zero sleep that night. I don’t think I could do that 😉

    • Holy cow, four Goldens in the house would be nuts! I am thinking about someday getting a second dog, but unless we lived out in the country somewhere where they would have room to roam, I wouldn’t have more than two. That’s just too many!

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