Doggy Diaries: Crate Training + Update

Crate Training Your Puppy via Brooks Labradors

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Now that we’re back from our amazing vacation, it’s time to go find our new puppy!  I cannot express to you how excited I am (and how annoyed my husband is at me that it’s just about all I have been talking about recently).  If you know anything about adopting pets, specifically dogs, from private rescue organizations, you know that they go to great lengths to make sure the new home is a good fit.  We’ve applied at three different organizations and all three applications have been accepted.  We got to meet a litter of shepherd mix puppies last night at a local dog park and it was wonderful seeing how each one behaved and played with the other dogs.  We really like Presley and depending how the rest of our search goes this week, he might be the one!

We will be meeting this boxer/shepherd mix puppy, Scotch, tonight.

Over the weekend, we plan to meet this hound/shepherd mix litter:

And if we still haven’t found our perfect pup, there is plenty of time and lots of other adoptable doggies.  But after meeting Presley last night, if none of the other pups are a good fit, we will definitely be pursuing him!

Now onto today’s scheduled post.

Hubby and I have decided to crate train our little guy.  Having a well trained and good mannered pup is very important to us, especially since I want to take him everywhere (i.e. trips, camping, hiking, parks, dog beach, car rides, etc.) and having an unruly pup would get old, fast!

It’s important to start right off the bat with firm boundaries so they know you’re the boss.  If not, you’ll have yourself an adult dog in no time that does whatever he wants, whether or not you approve.  That’s not gonna fly in our house!  This may sound harsh to some people, but it’s the only way to get a well trained pup.  And obviously we will shower him with love too and trust me, he will be spoiled!

Here are a couple of websites I have bookmarked with good tips on crate training puppies:

American Dog Trainers Network

Brooks Labradors

Have you crate trained a dog before?  Any tips?  What are your thoughts about crate training?



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4 responses to “Doggy Diaries: Crate Training + Update

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  2. This is really interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

  3. julie panter

    How much fun it is looking for a puppy. Hang in there and the right fit will happen.

  4. Oh my, how could you possibly choose?! They are all so precious!

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