Doggy Diaries: My Childhood Pets

German Shepherd Puppy via Guardian German Shepherds

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I’m still enjoying the Georgia wilderness and will definitely miss this adventure once we return home, but I’m also excited to get back home and find our new pup!

Here are some photos of a few of our pets we had growing up.  I dug through piles of old photographs and had a great time traveling down memory lane.  I couldn’t find photos of all of them since my parents probably have most of my childhood photos, but I have included most of the cats and dogs we had.  I could not find any photos (and frankly don’t remember if they even exist) of the hamster, rats, lizard, rabbits or chickens.

Miles: our very first pet!  He loved to play, but thought your hands were his toys, ouch!

Molly: many years later, she joined the clan as the family fence jumper. She was a very sweet girl.

Morgan: just a sweet little baby, I found her while my brother and I were visiting our dad in Florida.  We called home and mom let us bring her back with us! Another sweet girl.

Mason: we adopted this beautiful kitty at a Petsmart adoption event on a whim.  He was fun and adorable!

Cali: such a sweetheart and so loving!  She has a sister, but since I wasn’t a great (or even a good) photographer at age 12, I don’t have a decent photo of Abby.

Duke: we got this little guy from a litter of puppies being given away outside a Walmart in Arizona on our way home from vacation.  That was very exciting and impromptu!  He was a great and loyal dog.

And since we’ve been married, these are the kitties we’ve had:

Talon: such a sweet and loving kitty whose life was taken way too soon.

Sig: another awesome and sweet kitty whose life was also taken too soon.

And our current kitties:

Remington (Sig’s brother): best and sweetest kitty ever! Seriously.

 Trigger: a fun and playful kitty who loves attention, but not cuddles.  Fun fact: he plays fetch!

It will be an interesting journey integrating the new pup with Remington and Trigger. They think they’ve got life made, but little do they know their worlds are about to be turned upside down!


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  1. julie panter

    Thank you for the beautiful photos of the precious companions we’ve had! Remington is a cool special guy and I think I met Trigger briefly.

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