Doggy Diaries: What Kind of Dog Will We Get?

Tab, an adoptable puppy in Newport Beach, CA

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As you know from last weeks’ Doggy Diaries post, we will definitely be rescuing a puppy either from a nearby animal shelter or an animal rescue group.  Because of that, it’s hard to be picky when “shopping” for a puppy.  It’s good to do some research beforehand on types of breeds and their behavior to find one that will meld nicely with your family, but other than that, you’ve just got to take what you can find!

We want a medium to large breed, active dog.  We go hiking often, we enjoy camping and exploring, and I run quite a bit, so an active dog would be the best fit for us.  Because we have kitties and will be growing our family in the next few years (kids, yikes!), it’s also very important to get a family oriented dog, but also one with some protective instincts.

On top of all of that, a smart dog would be preferable!  Another very important thing to us is that we are able to train the little guy.  In doing all of those things and going all of those places, it would be enjoyable with a well mannered dog, and could potentially be disastrous with a trouble maker!

Taking all of this into account, I have an idea in my head for what type of dog I want (hubby doesn’t really care, he just doesn’t want a prissy dog): a Labrador German Shepherd mix.

You’ve got the large breed and high activity levels in both breeds, the ultra family oriented traits with the Labrador (and they love to swim, bonus!), then the smarts/train-ability and protective genes with the German Shepherd.  The other bonus, they are adorable!  Did you notice I’ve featured similar dogs in almost all of my other Doggy Diaries posts?  I’m just drawn to how cute they are!

BUT, and this is a big BUT, who knows what kind of dog we will fall in love with and it just may not be a Labrador German Shepherd mix, and that’s ok!

What is your favorite type/breed of dog?  Please share in the comments below!



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4 responses to “Doggy Diaries: What Kind of Dog Will We Get?

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  2. julie panter

    I love Labradors…sweet family dog, good with kids, well liked by all so easy to travel with ( non aggressive). I think chocolates are the cutest,but I have seen some hyper ones. Yellows seem mild tempered and black is a hot color in the heat.

  3. I will be looking for all those same things when we find ourselves ready to get a dog! Can’t wait to meet your future puppy!

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