Volunteer Day With Earthroots Field School

Before today’s post, I want to touch on something I’ve learned recently about Facebook since they’ve revamped a little.  Some of you may not be seeing my Facebook Page updates in your news feed.  If you would like to receive those updates in your news feed, please go to the Tiffany Lane Facebook Page, hover over the “Liked” button and make sure that the box next to “show in news feed” is checked.  If not, just check it and you should be ready to go.  Now onto today’s actual topic:

Last week I took a day off from my normal 9-5 to volunteer with a children’s nature program in my area called Earthroots.  If you’re from around the area, have you heard of it?

The weather was just wonderful and I had an amazing time helping out and seeing the little ones play.   Forest Kindergarten is the program I specifically volunteered with.  The kids were adorable and suprisingly knowledgeable about nature.  What a great time we had learning about native plants and playing in the creek.   It’s great that this program welcomes (and even encourages) the parents to stay, so parents and their kids spend time learning about nature and get the much needed quality time outdoors.  I hope I am able to do this with my children someday and in the more near future, I can’t wait to go back in August to volunteer for the Ancestral Living program!

For more information on Earthroots Field School here in Orange County, California, check out their website and classes/events listings.

If you have the chance, I strongly urge you to volunteer in whatever form fits your lifestyle and personality.  It’s so rewarding giving your time, energy and smiles for the good of the community.  Plus, you meet amazing people and it’s a great break from the norm.  So get out there and serve!



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2 responses to “Volunteer Day With Earthroots Field School

  1. What a rewarding + fun experience!

    And the Facebook thing is BEYOND frustrating, as a “consumer” and as a “business owner.” It’s a terrible move for PR if you ask me!

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