Doggy Diaries: A Rescue Pup

Finlay, an adoptable puppy in Irvine, CA

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If you’ve been following Doggy Diaries, you probably already know that I believe very strongly in animal adoptions (some of the photos at the top of my posts are of adoptable animals).  There are too many stray and uncared for animals in the world already, so instead of supporting breeding, I support adoption.

For about a year and a half during college, I volunteered at a local animal shelter on the weekends.  The experience was so rewarding for both the animals and me.  Seeing the dogs get to stretch their legs out in the open and walk around outside of their small cages probably made me just as happy as it made them!  I also got to take care of the kitties, cleaning their cages, replacing their food and water, and best of all, I got to cuddle them!

If you have a heart for animals, I urge you to volunteer at your local animal shelter or with a private animal organization.  Or if you don’t have a heart for animals, maybe you would after seeing their sad faces through those tiny cages.  Wherever you’re coming from, I assure you the experience is very rewarding.



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2 responses to “Doggy Diaries: A Rescue Pup

  1. When I get one, it will be a rescue!

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