Doggy Diaries: Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Denton, an adoptable puppy in Santa Ana, California

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I scoured the internet to find products that are truly eco-friendly, non-toxic and good quality.  Dog Time’s eco friendly dog supplies reviews was a very helpful resource.  They’ve rated a variety of products in different categories, giving them ratings, explanations and price ranges.  I was easily able to discern good quality products in my price range.

I compared the reviews and after browsing the company websites, started crossing items off my doggy shopping list.  I was able to find most of what I want on Amazon and placed a bulk order.  The only things I was unable to find on Amazon were the bamboo bowls (they had another brand, but I’m picky!), which I purchased online directly from the retailer.

Bamboo Food & Water Bowls by The Green Pet Shop: I can’t wait to test out these 100% biodegradeable and machine washable bowls made from the amazing renewable resources of bamboo and cooked rice husks!

Wool Dog Toy by ABO Gear: Dogs love soft chew toys and this one looks great and pretty durable.

Rope Dog Toy by ABO Gear: This is a must in my book.  A good game or two of tug-of-war is always fun!

Shampoo by Earthbath:  Since pups tend to get smelly quite often, I know my husband will require frequent puppy baths.  To ensure healthfulness for both the pup and us, non-toxic is very important.  I’m confident this will be the perfect fit.

Organic Cotton Collar by Petz Best Dog: I was originally looking for a hemp collar since hemp is an earth friendly crop, durable and machine washable.  Unfortunately, the price reflects that!  I don’t want to spend a lot of money on the puppy collar since he’ll grow out of it so quickly.  Maybe I’ll get the hemp collar once he’s fully grown.  For now, this organic cotton one will be perfect.  To read more about why hemp is preferable, check this out.

Waste Pick Up Bags by BioBag: It was important to me to find a dog waste bag that is 100% biodegradable and compostable and this company has great ratings.

Travel Water Bowl by Uxcell: I was not able to find an eco-friendly collapsible travel water bowl that fits with our lifestyle.  I want one that is small enough to fit in my camelback for hiking and that’s practical.  I found this one for a good price on Amazon, and while it’s not made with eco-friendly materials, I think it will work well for now and hopefully last through many trips!

To read up on my research into the dog food industry and what food I chose, check out the blog post here!

This is going to be one spoiled pup!  What are your favorite eco-friendly doggy digs?



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2 responses to “Doggy Diaries: Eco-Friendly Pet Products

  1. Wow some little puppy is going to be so lucky! I think it’s so sweet how much time and care you’re taking to really make sure you’re ready for a dog. It’s so important and so many people don’t do it!

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