Doggy Diaries: We’re Getting a Puppy!

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If you’ve been following this blog a while, you may have gathered from little tid-bits here and there that I love animals and am truly a dog lover.  But currently a dog-less dog lover.

For the past six years, I’ve been patiently (and very impatiently at times) waiting to bring a little puppy into the mix.  My husband will attest to my mostly annoying and sometimes precious comments every time we see someone with a dog. Or see a commercial for dogs.  Or pass by a dog park.  Or hear a dog bark.  Or play with our friends dogs.  Or get to pet a puppy. Ridiculous, I know.  My poor husband.

Well the time has (almost) come.  If you’ve been reading here recently (or seen the Facebook Page), you may already know that we’re moving this weekend and our new landlord will let us have a dog.  To say I am excited would be an ENORMOUS understatement.

Our new place doesn’t have grass yet and since we’re going on vacation in just over a month, we decided it would be better to wait until after we return to bring home the little guy.  At which time I am pretty sure I will be over the moon with excitement and may have an anxiety attack (just kidding).

Since I am so excited and want you guys to join us on this journey, I am officially announcing that Doggy Diaries will be a regular feature here on Tiffany Lane Handmade.

Posts will include everything leading up to the big day (i.e. photos of potential pups, getting the goods, etc.) through kitty introductions and mishaps and (hopefully) cuddling, training and potty ups and downs, fun and funny moments and all around total puppy cuteness.  I’ll share photos and stories of our journey and I welcome you to pipe in with advice, stories and photos of your own!

Pop on over to the Facebook Page to see exclusive Facebook only shares and to share some doggy digs of your own!  Also, I welcome you to “follow” my Adorable Animals board on Pinterest where I pin adorable animals of course, but where I will also pin pups of interest!

I am very excited for this new chapter in our lives and on the blog.  I think putting all of it in writing will help me keep my calm before the big day!  But if we’re being real here, I will probably just become more anxious.



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5 responses to “Doggy Diaries: We’re Getting a Puppy!

  1. julie panter

    So excited for you! You have such a sweet heart for animals. I will be following along!

  2. denise

    I was at two shelters today (trying to find Bently) and found some adorable dogs for you. So many need homes. Just think there is a some “lucky dog” out there who will soon be loved by you!

  3. I cannot WAIT to read the Doggy Diaries! I am in the same boat you were in – I bug my hubby all the time about a puppy. I fall in love with one regularly. I can’t wait to hear about yours! What kind will you get?

    • Our sweet husbands who put up with us whining about puppies, ha! We will definitely be getting a rescue pup; it’s something I am very passionate about (which will be another post). So really it’s just whichever little guy we fall in love with. Definitely a medium to large sized dog. One that’s active and we can take hiking and such. I love dogs with short light brown/golden fur and the dark muzzle, as pictured. Hope you can get one soon too! What kind do you want?

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