Packaging: Kitchen Labels

A friend from work, Savannah from Cake and Frostings, is an amazing baker (and she just published her very first blog post, so go check it out and give her your blog love!).  She  approached me the other day asking if I could make her some labels for all of her baking ingredient jars.  I love that she’s got all of her flours and sugars displayed on her counters in cute glass containers.  Of course I said yes. I went home that night and got to crafting right away!

She loves the idea of twine and knew I do a lot with kraft paper.  The two together make a great pair!  I wanted to make sure the labels were easily removable for cleaning, so the twine was a great idea.  Just tie a bow in the back (which looks adorable) then untie the bow or slide it down off of the bottom when you need to take them off.  Simple and practical.  That’s just how I do things around here.

She absolutely adores them and I do too!  I can’t wait to have a little more room on our counters to display all my ingredients, partly so I can use these cute labels.

What do you think?  Should I offer them in the shop?



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3 responses to “Packaging: Kitchen Labels

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  2. julie panter

    Very nice…Love the old fashion type letters!

  3. Definitely offer them in your shop! It’s so cute!!

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