DIY: Beer Bottles Turned Olive Oil + Dressing Dispensers

We use olive oil like crazy in our house.  Seriously. We usually roast veggies 2-4 nights per week, use olive oil to baste meats, and whenever we cook something in a pan (except for when hubby decides to use butter instead!).  For that reason, I like to buy it in bulk, but the container it comes in is a little too large to handle easily.  I had been wanting one of those fancy schmancy “olive oil dispensers” I’d seen at Bed, Bath and Beyond with the easy pour spout, but couldn’t bring myself to actually pay for one.  Then I found a set of easy pour spouts and knew I had some salvaged bottles at home in my stash that would work wonderfully.

I love to keep and reuse glass bottles, especially interesting ones.  The one I used for our olive dispenser is a beer bottle and it’s the darker bottle in the background of the first photo.  I love the cool hardware on it!

Since I had an extra spout lying around, I also made something similar for my homemade balsamic dressing.  I love a simple salad dressing.  For me, it’s balsamic vinaigrette all the way.  And since I usually don’t approve of the price or ingredients in store bought dressings, I just make my own.  But I didn’t have any good salad dressing bottles lying around.  Solution: reuse another beer bottle.

For the label, I took a piece of scrap kraft paper, stamped the words and simply taped it together on the back.  When I need to clean the bottle, the label slides right off and on again.

For the dressing, I simply combine equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I know most recipes have some more ingredients and spices, but I like it this way because it’s simple to throw together when I run out (which is often!) and there’s no need for refrigeration.

Besides the fact that I love this project because it’s both a DIY and eco- friendly, I love that the end result is also a little rustic.

What have you reused beer bottles for?  Email me photos of your DIY projects for beer bottles or anything else, and your DIY might make it onto the Facebook Page or even into a blog post!

If you have any ideas you’d like me to do a DIY post about, leave a comment below.  I have lots of bottles I can reuse and always more to come since hubby loves his beer!



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5 responses to “DIY: Beer Bottles Turned Olive Oil + Dressing Dispensers

  1. Crystall

    Where did you get the spout?

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  3. julie panter

    Love the beer bottle idea!

  4. This is so cool Tiffany! I will definitely have to try it!

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