Business Stuff: New Packaging Stamp

In browsing the lovely pages over at Wit & Whistle, I came across a post about Amanda’s new stamp for shipping packages.  A good idea, right? And I just love it!

So with inspiration from Amanda, I decided to design my own stamp. In Word.  Pretty impressive if I must say that Word really does have quite a bit of design potential.  It might be a little round-about to get there since it’s not really designed for design, but hey, it works!

I looks really cute on my shipping envelope and adds just a touch of intentional style, without overdoing it.

Want to get your own stamp made?  I’ve gotten a few done at  Just create your design to the specified stamp dimensions, upload, and in a few days you’ll get a nice package at your door, yay!



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7 responses to “Business Stuff: New Packaging Stamp

  1. Such a cool idea! I’m all over that link.

  2. Love it! I just bought a “Merci” stamp for my packaging. So on the same wavelength 😉

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