Lovely Package Exchange: What I Sent

I had an absolute blast putting this package exchange gift together for Kristina over in the Lone Star State.

What made it even more fun is that Kristina and I have a few things in common, so I got to pick out things I really like too!

In a few days I’ll share the photos of what I received. I’ll give you a hint, it’s very lovely!

P.S. Kristina makes adorable children’s clothing! You should check out her shop, Modern Frills, and blog too.

Want to know what’s inside and where I got it all? See the list below!

Decorative Box: TJ Maxx
Pillow (custom): Feathers on 1st
Ribbon: The Lonely Heart
Wooden Spool (for ribbon): Olive Manna
Buttons: Charming Zakka
Printable Mini Desk Calendar (“cherish” package): Kayden Ashley
Soap (“delightful” package): Simply Selah
Rope Bracelet (pine needle package): Junghwa


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5 responses to “Lovely Package Exchange: What I Sent

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  2. Tiffany!! Gorgeous, Smart Skirt might have to post this adorableness.

  3. Tiffany, this is GORGEOUS! You did an amazing job. This is really the prettiest package I’ve seen yet. Wish we’d been partners! 😉

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