From the Outdoors In: Spreading the Pine!

This past weekend Hubby and I set out and got our Christmas tree.  Oh how I love the smell of pine!  And something that is quickly becoming a tradition for me is to take the pine trimmings and place them around the house to really spread the love!

I’ve added pine branches to our coffee table, put them in mason jars, and arranged a vase in the guest bathroom.  And please ignore the quality of the photos below taken from my (new) smart phone.  It takes great photos in good light, but not so much in low light.  I guess I could have used my actual camera, but I’ve been wanting to test the capabilities of my phone. Maybe lesson learned, only use in good lighting? I guess it could be due in part to my amateur photography…

I hope this gives you a little inspiration to repurpose those extra branches and spread the scent around your home, too!



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5 responses to “From the Outdoors In: Spreading the Pine!

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  2. Your arrangements are sooo beautiful! Love the idea of spreading the pine in bathroom as well.

  3. Oh looks beautiful! I did the same thing this year – how funny – I laid a bunch of them in the fireplace because it doesn’t work well at all. And plus it’s not like we have real winters lol..

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