Thanksgiving Recap & Looking Forward to Christmas

[photo + pie courtesy of my sister-in-law.  p.s. – it was delicious.]

I’m still recovering from the long weekend.  I feel refreshed and exhausted at the same time.  Do you ever feel that way?

We spent our Thanksgiving with family and friends and had a lovely time with awesome food! The rest of the weekend was packed with mountain bike riding, night hiking and a lot of lazy too!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you had a wonderful time and were blessed with some quality time with your loved ones.

And now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Christmas craziness will continue.  This year, we’re trying to keep the gift giving under control. It seems like every year we get too caught up in giving gifts. Not that giving gifts is bad, but Christmas is about so much more than presents.  Plus, I feel like we should be giving more to those who really need it and spend less time picking out the perfect 20 things to give our friends/families who probably already have tons of things. Do you agree?

So this year, I am going to be very thoughtful in the few things I give to my friends and family, because really it’s about quality, not quantity, right?

I’ll see you back here Thursday, and for now, enjoy your week!


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One response to “Thanksgiving Recap & Looking Forward to Christmas

  1. The pie looks delicious!!! Yes I agree…Christmas time is for family and friends and enjoying the festivities instead of crazy shopping and being stressed out.

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