Business Stuff: The Catalog

In hopes of spreading the word about Tiffany Lane and acquiring some wholesale accounts, I’ve designed a catalog and finally got it printed. Finally.  I’ve been a little slow-going with this project for some reason, but now it’s here and ready to go.

I want it to be professional and put together, while still upholding the rustic feel of Tiffany Lane and reflecting this creative industry.

The kraft paper covers and twine ties give it the rustic and creative feel, while the inside is clean, organized and professional.  I added a little flair inside continuing the use of my logo font throughout in the headings and page numbers.

And of course added my signature stamp on the back to bring it all together.

Now the challenge is actually getting it into the hands of those who will us it!

I am hoping and praying to bank some in person meetings, because stationery just needs to be touched. Online doesn’t cut it for some things. Plus, meeting with someone in person creates a relationship where an email can’t measure up.

What do you think?



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3 responses to “Business Stuff: The Catalog

  1. Very nice..rustic on outside and organized on inside…nice111

  2. They look wonderful! I am a terrible procrastinator about that type of project too. It’s kind of tedious, but you made some awesome ones! 🙂

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