Unique Flooring

[photo credits: concrete | criss-cross | recycled leather | striped wood | wine & fruit crate | ceiling | stenciled | pebbled | chevron ]

What flooring would you have in your dream home?  Right now, the hubs and I really want concrete flooring.  But some really cool wood flooring would be awesome too!  Maybe concrete counter tops and wood flooring? Or wood block counters and concrete floors?



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8 responses to “Unique Flooring

  1. Bathtubs are my weakness. When we built the addition to our house, that’s the ONLY thing I asked for — a deep, claw-foot bath tub. Many happy hours with a book in there!

  2. Love concrete flooring, we looked into it for our new house but our contractor actually recommended against it, plus we have twin toddlers so might be just a little too hard. That said we went with Brazilian Hickory instead, which we LOVE! We just finished a renovation so all of this stuff is so fun and top of mind! Good luck with your choices.

  3. I love concrete flooring! These wood ones are awesome too. I think it would be so cool to get to do a stamped patterned floor like these. The other thing I saw recently was someone took PENNIES and tiled their floor with it! ($1.44/square foot lol) How’s that for creative?! But I think it would make me crazy…

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