Cinnamon and Sugar and Apple Chips

This post came about because I decided to make homemade apple chips last night. This is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and finally did it.  Accomplishment feels good!

Since the apples were a little tart I also decided to dash a little cinnamon sugar on them.  It was then that I realized we don’t have a cinnamon sugar shaker. What?

Is it just me or did you all have that old reused container filled with the perfect balance of cinnamon and sugar, too?  That was a staple growing up for my brother and me.  A little butter (well back then probably too much butter) and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar (ok, probably more like a pile) onto toast for breakfast. And snacks. And really whenever we wanted!

Well, I made one for our home.  And probably only because of those childhood memories and because sometimes people do things merely out of habit.

And hubby will probably be a little surprised that I set aside a container solely for cinnamon sugar. And he may even give me a hard time about it.  But I know he’ll appreciate it.

Are apple chips your thing, too?  Or are you at least interested in trying a yummy snack? I got my recipe from Vittles and Bits.  Just do it!



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2 responses to “Cinnamon and Sugar and Apple Chips

  1. sounds delicious !! going to give a try:)

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