DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit – The Tiffany Lane Version

If you recall from a few weeks ago, I found a really cool Mason Jar Sewing Kit from Anthropologie.  Well, I decided to go for it and make my version for a friend!

I used a wide mouth 1/2 gallon mason jar for mine to give my giftee some room to grow. But, any sized jar would work as well.  You can also reuse food jars, which I love to do!

To make the jar even better, I turned the lid into a pin cushion using this instructional tutorial via The Cottage Home.  I didn’t do much measuring, I just winged it a little: stuffed some batting in the square cut fabric (not a circle), wrapped it around the interior lid, adhered it all using fabric glue and left it to dry for a couple hours.  I cut the fabric a little larger than suggested and into a square shape because I like how the edges gather and think it’s a little cuter than covering it up with paper as the tutorial suggests. Just be sure the fabric is large enough that when it gathers, it completely covers the lid.

What to include:  since this jar kit is really a starter kit, you want to include the basics, right? Since I’m not a sewer, I had to do a little research to know what those basics are.  I decided on these: fabric scraps (leftover from the DIY pin cushion), needles, sewing gauge, seam ripper, thimble, measuring tape, clothespins, safety pins, buttons (in her favorite color), ball tip pins (multi-color), thread (the basics + a couple fun ones), marking pencil.

I also thought it would be cute to organize her buttons and safety pins in little labeled drawstring bags.  Luckily I had some mini alphabet stamps that worked like a charm.

Then I found this adorable book filled with sewing projects and other home decor how-to projects.  I tabbed the ones I thought she would be willing to try and some others I just think she’ll appreciate.

I had so much fun putting this gift together. It always means more when someone puts effort and thought into a gift, doesn’t it? Those are my favorite kinds.



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11 responses to “DIY Mason Jar Sewing Kit – The Tiffany Lane Version

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  2. I love this! Especially because it was for me 😀 But seriously, this was such a wonderful gift to receive. It was thoughtful, heartfelt, AND practical, not to mention very inspiring. Being on the receiving end of this DIY project, I highly recommend it. Thanks again Tiff!

  3. Adorable…the pin cusion is an excellent idea!

  4. I love, Love, LOVE this!!! It looks amazing! Great job! I really want to make one of my own now.

  5. This is gorgeous. Any sewist would be so lucky to receive one of these. I love the stamp detailing on the individual bags and the tag. Just divine!

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