2011 Christmas Cards Have Arrived!

It may be a little early for most customers searching for personal gifts, but it’s prime time (and actually a little late) for shops to get ready for the holidays (which are right around the corner).

So in preparation (and hopes to be included in a few gift guides this year wink*wink) here is my first set of cards from my Christmas Plaid Collection. They’re available now in my online shop, Tiffany Lane Creations.

I love plaid and have been especially fond of it lately.  It reminds me of nature and the woods, which also reminds me of winter, and therefore Christmas.  It’s cozy and warm, don’t you think?  All that to say we’re going simple and comforting this year at Tiffany Lane. Now I just need a big, soft blanket, some rainy days, a little hot chai, and a few good movies and winter will have finally arrived.

What reminds you of Christmas and/or what does Christmas remind you of?



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