Inspiration: The Woodlands

I love nature.  And I really love the woods.  So I’ve put together a little photo inspiration. Enjoy!

Woodland Canopy :: Tree Stumps & Candles
Woodland Wedding Invitations :: Woodland Pathway
Foggy woods
Kissing Deer :: Escort Cards
Woodpile :: Wooden Engraved Heart + Initials

What’s your favorite part about nature or your favorite type of nature?



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6 responses to “Inspiration: The Woodlands

  1. farmergal

    I grew up surrounded by trees so I love trails that meander under tall canopies. There is a place up on the hill where trees rub against each other, making the most wonderful noises…I call it ‘talking’. The first time I heard it I thought someone was playing a trick on me. Nature is full of wonderful surprises. Farmergal

  2. Thanks for these wonderful photos. Nature is wonderful in all she is.

  3. I love nature because God gave it to us to show his glory!

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