Update + Autumn Beauty

I’ve been a busy little bee lately working on the business side of things. Finishing up my portfolio and finalizing my wholesale catalog in hopes that I will soon have a use for them!

Once my portfolio is done I plan to walk into some boutiques and cute little shops and start creating relationships. My goal is that these relationships will lead to a few wholesale or consignment accounts. We’ll see!

Once the catalog is complete I plan to send it over to a few shops I’ve had my eye on that I’m unable to visit in person at the moment, which will hopefully lead to some more of those relationships I just talked about.

As you can obviously see, I have not had much time to come up with a substantive post for today, but at least I gave you an update and an inside look into what’s really going on behind the scenes right now.  Plus, I’m leaving you with this beautiful picture. Reminds me of autumn. What about you?

Hope your Labor Day weekend was very nice and talk to you all on Thursday. Now I gotta get going to come up with something fun to post then!



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2 responses to “Update + Autumn Beauty

  1. Tedious is right! And thank you!

  2. I am sooo ready for autumn! What a beautiful photo. And good luck with all of your organizing, that’s so fun but tedious too!

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